Crafting is a bit different in Warlords of Draenor, a bit different is using "a bit" lightly since it's pretty much a huge revamp of the crafting system that, funny enough, only applies to the new level of WoD crafting. Crafting for all professions works just the same as always has up until you reach Zen. After Zen, you will use the new crafting system which involves your Garrison, finding questing books, and a very simplified resource system.

Getting Started - Reaching WoD Levels in Crafting

To reach the next level after Zen, you will have to go to Draenor and actually start questing / killing mobs. At a point early on, you should get a book and a drop for your Garrison for whatever specific place in your Garrison you'll need for your crafting.

WoD Crafting Changes

First of all, you can learn the new recipes at level 1 crafting. You DO NOT have to level any profession to 600 and you don't even have to use the old method of leveling in order to get there. There are various item drops that will grant 5 skill-ups for 5 or so Draenor resources. You additionally don't even need to know the profession - NPCs will now craft things for you, if you so wish, and can craft most everything without you needing the actual profession (but not all the things). So that's the first thing to note.

Otherwise, it's business as usual. You'll need plans and resources, but again resources are simplified now across professions to only require a few things. In addition, you can either learn your profession by visiting the merchant in Ashran (ask a guard to speak to your profession trainer) or at your garrison. This will give you access up to skill 700, in addition, you can also loot a bracer off of a mob in Draenor that will lead you on a quest to give you not only the scroll, but the garrison blueprint. Don't worry if this doesn't happen - at garrison level 2 you learn all of the level 1 buildings and you can buy the scroll.

You do not have to learn old world recipes anymore to craft max level (90+) items. These are legacy items and only for players either leveling through the game or wanting completion / achievements.

Getting Started Crafting in WoD

To start crafting for a profession, you need either the profession building or the skill learned. You do not have to have the skill learned to craft anything - just the building, however, you gain much more benefit having the relevant building for the profession you learn - it gives you work orders to generate relevant resources. Without learning the actual profession, you won't be able to improve gear and craft some draenor items (and no old items). However, you will need the garrison building for your profession to craft things like flasks, high level gear, etc if you don't have the specific skill (i.e. greater flasks). This makes garrison crafting buildings kinda optional, kinda not, depending on your personal needs. However, all you really need to get started is the scroll.

You can learn professions and buy scrolls in Ashran, which you will get a flight when you return to your garrison after the 2nd story arc in the first zone.

Secrets of Draenor <Profession>

Instead of a daily, you will have a book which acts as currency in Dreanor for profession recipes. These are crafted with about 5 basic Dreanor resources once per day. Most recipes cost only one, with a few costing five, so you get something new and fun each day you login! This is how you learn the bulk of non-super-epic-drop recipes - no visits to the trainer.

Work Orders

You can have up to 21 work orders (in a level 3 building), each of which can generate you a relevant crafting material for your profession (for instance: Fractured Temporal Crystal which isn't BoP while the rest are). Since most of these are BoP, you will need the building in order to craft anything that requires them. Here is a list:

  • Alchemy - Alchemical Catalyst
  • Blacksmithing - Truesteel Ingot
  • Enchanting - Temporal Crystal Fragment (10 for a Temporal Crystal, non-BoP)
  • Engineering -  Gearspring Parts
  • Inscription - War Paints
  • Jewelcrafting - Taladite Crystal
  • Leatherworking - Burnished Leather
  • Tailoring - Hexweave Cloth

Most recipes require a specific number of the above with a Draenor specific resource. Many garrison buildings also allow you to mine or farm specific resources. Each of the above require specific materials and a 4 hour crafting time. You can generally craft up to 21 of each every 4 hours.

Gathering Changes

You can gather anything at any skill level. Your skill level determines how much you get per gather.

Garrison Bonuses

Some professions have bonuses attached to the garrison building. For instance, the tannery allows you to use tents to give you a 10% stat boost in the world, enchanting lets you disenchant without enchanting, etc.

WoD Fast Leveling Professions - Onward to 700

The best part about Draenor recipes is that you don't have to worry about crafting specific items. Everything you craft is normalized to give you a specific amount of skill points based on resources spent (for Draenor recipes). Crafting anything and everything relevant for you and you'll zoom up. If you're below 600, random items drop throughout the world that let you spend Draenor resources to get skillups, in addition, Draenor recipes give you huge skill-ups when you're below 600 skill.

That's about it for what's new in WoD crafting! 


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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