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Plain Sight

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In an unexpected twist, the quest
Hiding in Plain Sight brings high
level adventurers back to a patron of their low level adventuring days,
Baudry Cartamon.  Once more, Hazadil the smuggler is interfering
with the "legitimate" interests of the Baudry, and consequently, the
interests of the coin lords.  This quest also is necessary to
unlock access to the Restless Isles, where the Twilight Forge and the
quests that lead to it are found.  The dungeon that Hazadil has
sheltered in is a place where things can go very easily, if proper care
is taken, or very, very badly, is a party of heroes is incautious.

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What to bring:  You almost
certainly want a rogue who can achieve
a 16 strength with buffs; there is a valve that is past many
traps.  Bring protection from poison, there are traps, many
spiders, and humanoid enemies with poisoned blades.  Cold spell
protection is also a good idea, there are several casters who seem to
like ice storm and freezing sphere.   Solid fog and other
crowd controls are a good idea too.  Cloudkill or wall of fire is
also useful, there are areas where opponents can be damaged through

A final item of interest is that
this quest runs through the
sewers.  While travelling through certain parts, you see many
areas, such as Kenebrooks basement, that you remember from your low
level adventuring days.

cellpadding="2" cellspacing="2">
style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> style="font-family: tahoma;" size="-1">Starting Npc:
style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"> size="-1">Baudry Cartomon then
Inquisator Ingraram

style="vertical-align: top; width: 20%; background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125);"> size="-1">Quest

style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125);"> size="-1">Cartamon's
Shipping Warehouse

style="font-family: tahoma;">Related Zones:

style="font-family: tahoma;">The Harbor; The Foothold

style="vertical-align: top; width: 20%; background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125);"> size="-1">Level:

style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125);"> size="-1">10

style="font-family: tahoma;">Monsters:

style="font-family: tahoma;">Bugbear Goon, Cartel
Sentry, Cartel Smuggler, Huge Grey
Ooze, Darkfang Hunter, Ogre Brute, Mithril Defender, Aurum Concordian

style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125);"> style="font-family: tahoma;" size="-1">Named Bosses:
style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125);"> style="font-family: tahoma;" size="-1">Hazadil, Froz, Radek, Eoman
Gallius, Yrdriss Hornhelm
style="font-family: tahoma;">Bonus

style="font-family: tahoma;">Destory 75
Shipping Containers (92 Xp)

Kill the Aurum Officials (152

Take the Documents (92 xp)
style="font-family: tahoma;">
Break the Blockade (13 xp)

style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125); width: 20%;"> size="-1">Possible Reward Items:

style="vertical-align: top; background-color: rgb(212, 201, 125);"> size="-1">3 chests
style="font-family: tahoma;">
Access to Foothold (Restless

style="font-size: 10pt; font-family: "Times New Roman";"> style="font-family: tahoma;">Walk-Through:

style="font-family: tahoma;">First Speak to
Baudry Cartamon then Inquisator Ingraram.  Make sure to do this,
it is a common error to forget to speak to both to get the quest.
style="font-family: tahoma;">

Enter the warehouse, and in
one corner of the warehouse, you will find
two members of Hazadil's gang speaking to each other, One opens a
secret door and flees, the other fights (and dies, being cr 2). href=""> alt="Hide In Plain Sight Map"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 284px;" align="right">

style="font-family: tahoma;">

Follow the hallway past the
secret door and you will come upon a stack
of crates (on the left) with an opening in the hallway on the
right.  The opening on the right has two traps.  One is a
stream of acid, poison and fire which will constantly discharge, the
box for
this trap is on the entrance side of the trap.  The other is a
spike trap which is below the box for the first trap.  To bypass
this trap, either go up to the lefthand side of the crates and jump
(you will grab the top of crates, even though it appears undoable, and
you can pull yourself up), or pass through the sprays, disarm the box
for the spike trap (on the far side of the spray), then return through
the spray, and disarm the spray trap.

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Further down the hallway you
see a switch, and in the distance a t
intersection.  Enemies are found at the t intersection. 
Place fog and other control spells at the switch, and lead the enemies
from the intersection into the fog, killing them there with spell and
sword.  Do not approach the intersection until you are href="">ready,
the enemies tend to have good perception scores.  At the
intersection, to the right are more enemies,
including a spell caster (arumn concordian).  Defeat the them by
leading them into another fog/kill zone, then continue.  At this
point on, always have a rogue lead, there are several traps which are
at different places each timeyou enter the quest, and since they can be
quite dangerous,
it is better to be careful.  They are disarmed in the normal way,
by simply looking for and disarming the box.

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At the T intersection take a
right (east).  After passing a
possible blade trap and further enemies, you will see a left turn going
down a slope.  This leads to the secret area, found at the next
curve in this passageway.  In this secret area are several crates,
thugs, cartel smugglers, sentries and another arumn official.  In
addition there is a chest among the many crates and boxes.  The
enterance to this area is a choke point, and an excellent point for
crowd control and fighting.

Continuing down the hallway,
you will turn a corner to find a blade
trap (always in this location), before a gate.  The box for the
trap is found in an alcove on the left.  Past the gate is another
corner, beyond with are 2 mithril guardians, thugs, smugglers and
sentries, and another arumn concordian.  Beyond them is a shrine,
the only shrine in this quest. with a right leading down to another
official, his servants, and 2
mithril guardians.  If you continue past the shrine, at the top of
a rise you will see some arumn sentries and similar fighting a huge
grey ooze.  Interrupt or not as you should choose, you will have
to fight the survivors.

Turn east right, going up a
slope, take a sharp right, down a slope,
and open a secret door to your right (often there is a trap
here).  Beyond the secret door is a dry area (finally), with many
crates, and a right turn to a gated area.

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The gated area is the spider
area.  There are large webs barring
the way, breaking each web frees the spiders found beyond.  The
best method I have found for deaing with these spiders is to place a
solid fog, cloudkill, etc,in one area, and draw the spiders into the
area, then
allow your warrior types to crush them while a spell caster draws their
aggression with a wall of fire or damage spell, and kites them back and
forth through the fog.  Make sure to have solid fog, the spiders
are dangerous if not controlled.

The spider area is a 4 way
intersection, one the way you came, two
leading to switches, and the final direction (east) leading to the
water tunnels.  Simply kill spiders and look for the switches in
alcoves on the sides, until switches have been found in each side
tunnel of the intersection.  Note that alcoves also contain
spiders, so don't break alcoves open unless ready for a fight.  It
can be dangerous to break too many webs, bringing to many spiders into
a combat at once.    When the switches are all pulled,
proceed to the east
to the water tunnels.

The water tunnels requires a
single person with at least a 16 strength
to swim along several tunnels (all under water) which have blade
traps.  At the last chamber of the href=""> alt="Giant Blade Trap"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 232px;" align="left">water
tunnels there is a huge
fan like blade on the bottom (which is quite deadly), a tunnel with a
ladder leading up, and a valve.  The valve requires a 16 strength,
allowing for all the blade traps to be turned off (except the large one
in the last room).  The remainder of your party should follow once
it is turned off and climb the ladder to the top of the tunnel. 
Note the ladder is a bit hard to reach and sometimes needs a bit of
effort to reach.  Be patient and careful, the blade trap is below,
and you don't want to wander into it.  The top of the ladder leads
to the dart trap.

The dart trap is a long
hallway with darts firing along it's
length.  At the end are some more arumn sentries, thugs, and
sentinels.  If you stay to the extreme right of the hallway, you
can pass most of the way up the tunnel without facing the darts. 
It is best if a single person leads the guards back to the top of the
tunnel leading down to the water, and fighting them there.  Once
this is done, a rogue can travel up the tunnel and disarm the
darts.  A href="">rogue
CAN disarm the darts before alerting the sentries, but the chances are
against it.  Once the sentries and dart trap are dealt with,
continue down the hall and a secret door (opened by a
lever behind a column) is a little further down.  This lever is
often trapped… twice, by spikes, requiring two boxes to be found and

The secret door leads north
down a short hall to a portcullis with a
large room.  If a cloudkill or similar is placed at the
portcullis, the large number of thugs will often react to adventurers
standing by the closed portcullis and approach, killing
themselves.  Once all that can be are drawn to their deaths open
the portcullis.  Finally, it is time to face Hazidil and his arumn

To the north east is a raised
platform, with Hazadil and 3 allies
(Froz, Radek and Eoman Gallius) standing upon it. href=""> src=""
alt="Froz and Radek being upset"
style="border: 2px solid ; width: 250px; height: 160px;" align="right"> 
The best means
to defeat them is for an arcane caster to place cloudkill, solid fog,
wall of fire, acid fog upon the bottom of the platform (aiming at the
point in the underside of the floor of the above platform).  The
affect will pass
through the floor, and (once someone is on the platform) draw the
aggression of the enemies above, though
they will not come down to fight but instead just be angry.  Then
melee types (possibly with protection from poison and cold) climb
crates next to the platform and kill their opponents.  Kill Eoman
Gallius, then Radek, then Froz and finally Hazadil.  Hazadil heals
quickly, and it is best to kill the weaker foes faster, plus Eoman
Gallius casts quickly (and often) upon you if you ignore him. 
Definitely  href="">maximize
damage using feats and similar means when fighting them, or else their
healing rate will make this combat too expensive in resources. 
This is the most common cause for people to have to leave this quest,
the need for more spell points to bring more damage to bear upon these

Once they are killed, open a
chest for treasure, and one for a book of
charts (finishing the adventure).

There are three side rooms,
one with a portcullis, 2 with doors which
can be beaten or burned down.  The portcullis room has a document
for an optional objective, the two beaten doors have enemies.  The
more northern of these doors has a clerical Arumn official, Yrdriss
Hornhelm, who will cast blade barrier.  To best deal with these,
again place fog and cloudkill spells upon them, then use a firewall
(which burns down the door), killing them only if they pass the
fog.  Be especially careful with Yrdriss, since her blade barrier
will appear right in the doorway as you approach, unless you allow them
to approach you.  A fire wall will aggro the enemies in the rooms
with the wooden, breakable doors.  I prefer to place a solid fog,
cloudkill upon these doors, then a firewall  cause them to break
down the door.  Then the party members I am with can kill them as
they (slowly) walk through the door.

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The room with Yrdriss contains
a chest

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