Rallos Zek Deity Quest Guide

Guide By: Tallika of Kithicor and Savanja


Rallos Zek, the strong and formidable God of war. This is the god you pray to just before you spill the blood of your enemies, and the perfect God to worship if the blood you spill is plenty.

Rallos Zek is an evil aligned God, allied with Innoruuk and and Cazic-Thule, and enemy to the Gods that follow the paths of good and light. This God of war is powerful and thrives in chaos. He will spend his time upon Norrath doing his best to create the hate and the bloodshed that he so much enjoys.

I thank Tallika for his time on these quests. He's been my own little godsend, doing the quests that I could not do myself.


If you have any questions on this guide, or any of my others, please feel free to drop me a note!


Let Loose the Gnomes of War!!!!

Nothing is more fearsome as the sight of legions of gnomes rushing at
you on the battlefield, and having the backing of Rallos Zek, God of
War, makes even the most fearsome opponents fall before your flashing
blade. To truly gain the abilities to cut someone off at the knees we
must first travel to wilds of the Butcherblock Mountains. The direct
representative of Rallos Zek on Norrath, Tychus Zeksworn, sets us on
that path.

Tychus Zeksworn (/waypoint 334, 189, 400) can be found in the Butcherblock
Mountains across from the griffin tower near the path leading to the docks.

For the Glory of Rallos! (level 20) - If any of you puffs don't know the orc language by now... get off your
lazy asses and go out there and kill, maim and slaughter until you know
it. The first thing you need to do is talk to on of those ugly apes
near Crushbone Keep named Gargnarg (-1171, 115, 124).

Gargnarg tells you were to find the totem. Go down the left most cave
at the back of the Crushbone area. The totem is at -1492, 111, 32 in
the cave. It respawns rather quickly. Take this back to Tychus.

Rewards: Faction, Altar of Rallos Zek, and unlocks: Zek's Rending and Retribution of Rallos on your altar.


Proof of Strength (level 30) - Tychus next sends you to the Eastern Lumbermill in Zek You need to use
the BIG axe to chop your totem into toothpicks.

Now you gotta go around and convince the tribes of orcs of the return
of Rallos Zek, ie pound it into their skulls.

Next go to where the Tallon Orcs are, SW of the mines. There is a
Tallon high shaman at (548, -16, 19), he takes some convincing...

Subquest 1:
Tallon Orc Face-off - Slay the Champion on the stump next to you, then talk to the shaman

There is a Vallon high shaman behind the Mines at (324, 12, -163), he's
just as pig-headed as his counterpart.

Subquest 2:
Green Hood Beheading (33) - Kill 7 Green Hood Scouts. Anything with "Green Hood" counts... Then
go back to the Vallon high shaman with proof of your deeds.

Last up are the Sullon Zek orcs. Their high shaman is a moron.

Subquest 3:
Sullon Orc Tongues (37) - The shaman will only be convinced when you've killed a few of his
followers. We were happy to oblige him... Like I'd never killed orcs
before. HA!!

Once done talk to the shaman again and then go back to Butcherblock and
speak to Tychus.

Rewards: Faction
and unlocks: Battle Chaos and Tactical Retreat on your altar


Flesh and Steel (level 50) - Tychus next sends you to Klak'anon to kill 50 clockworks. Better hurry
and get started.

Next go to the Lesser Faydark to kill 10 treespirits. You'll find some
in the area south of the Greater Faydark zone line.

After you've pummeled some wood into the ground go up the road to the
brownie village and kill 7 little brownies.

Once your done with those go to the middle of the zone and kill 4
Unicorns. Glade of the Unicorns is located at (257, -18, -110). It's
time to make some glue boys'n'girls!!

After putting down those horny four-legged freaks head over to the
Butcherblock Mountains Entrance and kill 6 Fairy Drakes and pull their
wings off. You know you wanna...

Once you wipe the blood and pollen from your weapon head over the zone
line to Butcherblock and report your success to Tychus.

Reward: Faction, Minion of Zek, and
unlocks: War's Enlightenment and Battlegod's Furor.


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Your Final Reward!

A Savage Lesson (level 60) -
Tychus next sends you to scalp some bugbears inside of Kaladim. The
guards and sentry's at the front gate will do.

Next you need 3 Kobald pelts.  There are tons to kill on the ramp up to
the gate, and they repop quickly.

Return to  Tychus when finished.

Reward: Faction, Tychus's Altar of Rallos Zek, and
unlocks: Tactical Formation and Rallos' Devastation on your altar.


In Service of Rallos Zek (level 70) - Your task this time is very straight forward... Go to Castle Mistmoore
in the Loping Plains and slay 25 vampires. Sweet, simple and sooo
unsafe. Take friends!!

Reward: Faction, War Mantle of Rallos, and
unlocks: Battlerage and War's Aftermath on your altar


Congratulations on proving your loyalty to the great God of War! May your weapon always be dripping with the blood of your enemies, and may the ground be free of yours.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016