Rangers of Renown

The Ten Ton Hammer Guide to the Rangers


Rangers are the good aligned scout, making their home in either Qeynos or Kelethin, that boast being a top damage class and master of ranged fights. What makes this class so special? If there is anything that I have learned in my time with EverQuest II it is that those who choose to play this amazing class are some of the most dedicated and passionate players in game.

If you have the patience and the desire, you will find Rangers to be not only intensely fun but also very rewarding whether you solo, group, or raid.

Rangers of Renown is the Ten Ton Hammer guide to the Rangers. We intend this guide to help the novice player and have written it with that in mind. More experienced players may find the Combat Art list, CA progression charts, and some of our player tips useful as well.

If you happen to play a Ranger and have advice or tips that you would like to add to our guide, please let us know and we will add your advice to the guide and your name to the credits. If you'd like to talk with other readers about this class or this guide, please feel free to visit our forums!


Good Luck and may all your shots fly straight and land true.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016