Chapter 1 – Credits & The Basics

Credits & the Basics


Training Spells & Spell Upgrades

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1.0 - The Credits

First and foremost, thanks to everyone that has participated in the making of this guide!

Contributors include:

  • Okyy of Oggok, author of this guide

  • Katt of Oggok, for allowing me to constantly attack her with questions

  • Savanja, for updates
  • Many thanks to Bongotezz of Kithicor for his corrections and suggestions!

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1.1 - The Basics

Question 1 – What is a Ranger?
A ranger is the Qeynos aligned version of the predator. Being a Ranger you have the ability to disarm traps, use poison, attack from stealth, and attack from the furthest distances in the game. You are also quite good at dealing damage, and lots of it, very quickly. Of the scout classes you are the most suited for a bow.

Question 2 – What race should I be?
Well, that choice is up to you. If you’re looking at only stats, agility is the primary stat for a Ranger, the higher your agility the higher your power pool will be, meaning the more attacks you can use per battle. As a secondary stat you will want to choose strength this effects your ‘ATK’ and how much melee damage you will do. You want both of these as high as you can possibly get them. You will want as much as you can. However there is only a difference of about 15 points between the best and worst agile races. There are many races that are well suited on just the basis of stats, if you are interested in looking at it like that: Ratonga (10 STR, 30 AGI), Halfling (15 STR, 30 AGI), Gnome (12 STR, 25 AGI), Half Elf (17 STR, 25 AGI), Ogre (30 STR, 25 AGI). Toward level 50 when buffed you will have around 200 agility. Pick a race that you enjoy and will take pleasure from. Thru the use of petrified eyes you can change your appearance with just a little coin, or some work with a smattering of luck.

Question 3 – What does it take to be a good Ranger?
Speed. Plain and simple your middle name should be speed. You lead the HO’s and change them to the best options. Get up close and stab enemies in the back, run back away and lob arrows at them. You will be running back and forth to be using your skills to their greatest ability. Pulling when needed, and Evacuating when the situation gets bad. Definitely a class for those that enjoy caffeine and multi-tasking. You also deal a lot of damage over time, by hitting away quickly with small chunks of damage.


Chapter 1 - Credits and the Basics

Chapter 2 – Quests

Chapter 3 - Training Spells and Spell Upgrades

Chapter 4 - Suggested Equipment

Chapter 5 - Spell List and Definitions

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016