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2.1 - Armor Quest

Each of the six parts starts and ends in the Qeynos Harbor, near the clock tower. The NPC is Ian Cathlan.

Ian’s Forgetful Family - I

Kill 20 Caltorsis Knights, and kill 4 Sabertooth Tormentors. The Caltorsis Knights can be found around the Ruins of Caltorsis (near Windstalker Village) and are single mobs in the front by the road, but have seen groups of 2 or 3 of them back by Advisor Pandoras. Watch out for him, he’s a tough one. The Knights however are soloable. Sabertooth Tormentors require you to kill 4 groups of gnolls around a ‘gnoll tent’ before any of them respawn. Pretty tough going with a healer and tank not too bad but the challenging part is doing it quickly. After the entire camp is killed you can fully rest up with a group of 2 Tormentors and 2 Elders is spawned. Not a tough job after taking out the other gnolls. Gnoll camps can be found just between Blackburrow and the waterfall toward Steppes Station Group Recommended.

Reward : Trade Link Gauntlets

    +3 WIS, +4 AGI, +13 Health, +11 Power, +64 vs Heat, +80 vs Disease

    Armor Class 64

Ian’s Forgetful Family - II

Kill 25 Giant Kodiaks, kill 4 Blightfang Broodtenders, and kill Grolven Chiptooth. The Giant Kodiaks are east from the Oracle griffin tower, in the most north-east you can go. Solo mobs are level 20ish. Blightfang Broodtenders can be found in BlackBurrow if you jump down the waterfall and step off on the ledge you should see a cave toward your left, Broodtenders can be found inside. Careful, they are in large groups and were level 20ish. Grolven Chiptooth is located by the gnoll tents outside Blackburrow and is a fairly tough mob.

Reward : Trade Link Bracers

    +3 STR, +4 INT, +13 Health, +12 Power, +48 vs Poison, +96 vs Divine

    Armor Class 99

Ian’s Forgetful Family - III

Kill 12 Defiled Knights, kill 10 Defiled Cavaliers, and kill 5 Defiled Crusaders.
These mobs can all be found in Stormhold.

Reward : Trade Link Boots

    +5 STA, +4 AGI, +13 Health, +19 Power, +100 vs Magic

    Armor Class 95

Ian’s Forgetful Family - IV

Kill 15 Restless Corpses, kill 12 Forsaken Shrillers, and kill 25 Deathly Scarabs.
This AQ is located in the Crypt of Betrayal, located below the vermin snye which is below the down below which is below Qeynos (wow, pretty far underground!).Shrillers and Scarabs can be found right around the entrance with the merchants. I don’t recommend the ‘Wonky Entrance’ (south in VS) as its filled with agro mobs. Zoning is safe so if you see merchant NPCs this is where you want to be. You should be able to pick up a group killing these mobs without much difficulty. More Info on Restless Corpses coming soon!

Reward : Trade Link Mantle

    +4 STA, +4 WIS, +14 Health, +15 Power, +120 vs Cold, +60 vs Heat

    Armor Class 140

Ian’s Forgetful Family - V

Kill 5 Unearthed Settlers, Kill 10 Corpse Feeders, Kill 12 Sabertooth Looters, Recover Bonechipper. Thundering Steppes at last. Corpse Feeders and Unearthed Settlers can be found in the dry river bed that runs thru TS. Corpse feeders can be found in the dead river, I'd recommend going onto the bridge on and getting off on one of the sides. Before you get to the gates you can go down and find the Corpse Feeders (Crabs) and pull them up to the top to avoid adds. Kill other crabs as they are place holders. Sabertooth Looters can be found in one of the craters located around the zone to the north. Bonechipper can be found from Unearthed Settlers and other undead in TS.

Reward : Trade Link Greaves (Stats Coming Soon)

Ian’s Forgetful Family - VI

Kill 15 Steelhoof Hunters, kill 10 Skeletal Troopers, kill Ott Stumpgutt.
The last of the Armor quests! Also located in Thundering steppes. Steelhoof Hunters are found in a crater between two mountains west of Qeynos Tower 3, quite a fight to get there but just think! Your almost done, Skeletal Troopers can be found at the ruins of Karana (You remember this place old school EQers) its between tower 4 and the ruins of varsoons. Ott Stumpgutt is a named giant, he can be ‘spawned’ by walking back and forth on the path of giants not from Tower 4 but the path of giants from the western shore. Kill giants on the way and be ready as he does have a few friends with him. Return to Ian and receive your final reward.

Reward : Trade Link Tunic (Stats Coming Soon)

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