Rapping with Raijinn Part 2

by: Tony "RadarX" Jones

RadarX: Yep, it's hard not to notice the MiB (Mods in Blue for those who don't know) Well let's look at how you feel about EQ2. What is your favourite EverQuest 2 zone and why?

Raijinn: I can't really say I have one favorite but I really enjoy some of the new zones that we've come out with in Kingdom of Sky and The Fallen Dynasty. The vibrant colors and artwork there really are spectacular.

RadarX: We've all got an NPC we want to destroy. If you could kill any NPC in game who would it be and why?

Raijinn: If I could kill any NPC in the game I would probably kill Lucan, wouldn't that make for a compelling story?

RadarX: Wow, thats ambitious. Do you feel the class you play is balanced?  Are there any outstanding issues you'd like to see worked on (that you haven't yelled down the hall to have fixed )

Raijinn: I think balance is in the eyes of the beholder at times you can feel the class is completely balanced but in the grand scale of things you are accomplishing feats that shouldn't be done single handedly.  I trust the judgment of our game team for really balancing the class; however in my eyes I feel the class I play is balanced pretty well.

RadarX: Wow that was a REALLY good answer. You must have to speak for SOE sometimes. You spend most of your time working with the forums. What do you REALLY think of the oddness of NGD (Non-Gameplay Discussion)?

Raijinn: The NGD is somewhat a separate community all on its own and there is a bunch of things that go on there that make you shake your head at times.

There is a great bunch of folks that frequent the NGD and only the NGD but I can tell there is a great community there.

RadarX: Yes, there are things that make me shake my head, but I haven't seen an iPod scam in months. How do you keep a level head with the sheer amount of craziness the forums creates?

Raijinn: You can't take things personal, first and foremost. I suppose you learn through time how to keep a level head but also understanding that there is a person who has a concern on the other end whom you're talking with also helps.

We have a great bunch of moderators that help me out as well and they deserve a bunch of credit as well.

RadarX: What type of "Moderation Policy" do you use?  Are you lenient?  Strict?  Do you take bribes?  (because I've got some people....nm)

Raijinn:The way I moderate I try to give people as many chances to become a productive member of the community as possible. I try to talk with the vocal folks offline when they have concerns but are communicating it in an inappropriate way.

I suppose you could say I'm strict and lenient at the same time, there is a line which you can't cross but I'll give a chance or 2 for that person to post appropriately.

I take bribes, large unmarked bills…(just kidding)

RadarX: I should probably go ahead and bribe in advance for my usage of "panties in a twist." I've noticed you're one of the most active Moderators I've ever seen.  Is this something natural or do you make a concerted effort to get involved.

Raijinn: I enjoy online communities; it's something I suppose I have grown up in. When I was younger I spent TOO much time on the internet and in IRC so it's pretty natural. I do try to make as much of an effort as possible to keep things working well, sometimes it takes more time than others but it's something that needs to be done.

RadarX: Let's talk about the MiB for a second. What was the basis behind the extra Moderation?  Were they meant as a supplement?  What kind of expectations do you have on them?

Raijinn: The moderators assist with a great deal of the moderation on the forums and give extra sets of eyes into issues that come up. The response time on addressing issues as they come up is remarkable to say the least.

I believe firmly that I can't catch everything by myself so having them help out has been great. I'm sure you in the community see better coverage on issues and less of the inappropriate posting. This is because they help; we should all give them all a round of applause! They can pat themselves on the back.

I do have high expectations for them, as I have high expectations for the EQII community as a whole. They will assist in cultivating the community to help it grow and help keep the EQII community as a whole going in a good direction.

RadarX: It's good to see you are getting some help, and have high standards. Finally, outside of the game, I think I read you enjoy cooking.   Is this something you do to relax?  Have you thought about opening your own business?   Can you make us something because I'm out of Cheezits?

Raijinn: Yes I do enjoy cooking. Cooking is a great way to relax while making something to enjoy later with friends and family, it brings everyone together.

Would I make a business of cooking, I like cooking as a hobby and something I do to relax but I don't think I could ever make a business of it.

And can I make us something…sure thing, does BBQ sound good? It goes great with Blackburrow Gnoll Stout.

RadarX: BBQ? Guh...my weakness. *drool. I...can't remember what I was thinking. Thanks for your time Joel.

As you can see, Raijinn is an unusual guy (in a good way) and not what I'd expect in a moderator. Fairly experienced, knowledgable, and the gatekeeper of all that is moderation he is a beacon of light in worlds of darkness and evil. Too melodramatic? Yeah a bit, but you haven't read some of the drivel I have on the forums. Thanks again to his hardwork to try and keep our forums clean.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016