Ratonga Racial Quest Guide

For some strange reason, people like to play overgrown rodents. So, of course, it was necessary for your's truly to make the ultimate sacrifice and venture out as a flea-bitten, furball.

You hop off the boat and get dumped in Temple Street with the other short people. That means Gnomes (good eats, there). Talk to your little beady eyed mentor, Fedul.

Quest One

Fedul wanted to steal the stuff out of this one shipment that arrived in Temple Street. However, being a Jerry wannabe, he was lazy and put it off, and some rat-bastard stole it out from under him! The nerve! Go check out the broken barrel over by the South Freeport gate and get some clues as to who might have taken the goods. Fedul gives you about 1s 20c for this little errand, so haul tail! Once you find it and inspect, Fedul tells you to talk to Neezer on the docks.

Quest Two

Because you're a rodent, evidently you greatly desire to play about in the muck and eww. Your next task, for Neezer, is to get some acid from the little critters who live in the trash piles. Isn't that special? When you collect it all, you get a bag (wash it, you have no idea where it's been and you don't wanna know) and about 1s. Hand over Neezer's findings to Fedul.

Quest Three

Fedul sends you to talk to Malyk (just around the corner) about the Forest Spider. Then he sends you to talk to the doctor... yeah you steal her notes, (cause really, who cares about doctor/patient privilege anyway?) and take them back to Fedul. He's so proud of you for being a petty thief (no, really, I meant suo-shee) that he gives you 1s 20c.

Quest Four

Go find that stinking thief, Iarog and steal back the Forest Spider. The NERVE of some rats!

Quest Five

Make your way to the armoury and discover how to activate the power of the Forest Spider, DUN DUN DUN!!!! When you're done, take it back to Fedul and get your reward, 1s 20c or so, and head off to the Sunken City for more fun and excitement!!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016