Riddle Contest

Riddle me this, and riddle me that...you're all incredibly big..horrid brats.

Riddles riddles EVERYWHERE - and only a few could stump the King.


Yet..a few DID stump me, as was the purpose of this contest. There were some old ones, some new ones, and SOME people merely copy/pasting riddles from other forums.

There were riddles that were mistyped and poorly worded, riddles that were made up, and riddles that the RIDDLERS didn't know the answer to (which...does that make it a riddle or just a question no one can answer?)

But in the end...I was defeated. My body, dead and lifeless was looted by three players that we cannot name - whose riddles were the top of the ones that stumped me, and who will win the master chest beta slots.

But what's a contest without honorable mention?

To those of you who supplied the answer to your riddle WITH the riddle, I say "lead me not into temptation." Not only was I not stumped, with the answer was like...right there - I wouldn't have been stumped for long.

To those of you who copy pasted other links from riddle web-pages, naughty naughty. I love riddles and live for riddles, and have been to those pages a thousand times, and even though I did *not* use Google (or I wouldn't have been stumped), it's kinda obvious when you leave headers for those sites in your postings.

So thank you for playing, good job to those who defeated me (I WILL rise again), and you'll be contacted shortly by RadarX about your winnings.

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I Would've Gotten Away

With it If it Weren't

for you Meddling Kids!

And lastly...to the one person who sent me this riddle;

"What...is your favorite color?"

I answer in turn.

"Blue. No yelloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo..."


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016