The Rise of Kunark, EverQuest II's 4th expansion, is due out in November of 2007! Keep an eye out here, on Ten Ton Hammer, for pre-release coverage and media updates.


The continent of Kunark was, long ago, the home to the some of the more interesting Norrathian races. The Iksar had found their home here, but with the land shattering events since the times of EverQuest, many races were cut off from their homelands, and the Iksar were no exception. Like many of these old lands, Kunark was thought to have been lost to the world of Norrath forever, but fragmented pieces of this amazing continent have been uncovered and the ruins of a forgotten place have been made available for all to explore!

Even in all of this devastation, as it is said, life WILL find a way, and indeed it has. The Sarnaks have been exiled from the rest of the civilized world, but with the new discovery of the continent, they are now free to roam outside their prison and mingle with the rest of society. Old enemies have not been forgotten though, so most expect to see some turmoil as the Sarnak, once again, come face to face with the Iksar.

Highlights of Rise of Kunark:

  • New race, the Sarnak
  • New starting area for neutral races
  • Higher level cap set at 80
  • New, more expansive zones
  • New quests, weapons, and armor
  • New Mount, Kunarkian Rhinoceros
  • Three more deities to choose from

Please visit the official SOE Rise of Kunark website for more information, and check out all of the Ten Ton Hammer coverage below!


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