Rogue Alternate Advancements






Torporous Strike - A melee attack that reduces the
target's casting and recovery speed after using any spell or ability.
Walk the Plank - A melee attack that causes an enemy
struck by this attack to spin, exposing their back to the pirate for a short
Swear - Increases the hate of all enemies in an
encounter towards the Mercenary.
Lunge Reversal - The next time a Fencer or an enemy attacking the Fencer use a defensive
maneuver to avoid an attack, the Fencer returns with a melee attack. You
cannot have an offhand weapon or shield equipped to use this ability. This
refreshes every 20 seconds

Boot Dagger - A melee attack made from the side or behind that places the Thief into a stealth if it strikes.

Blackguard's Defense - Increases the Blackguard's
Commandeer - Increases the pirates movement speed.

Conditioning - Increases the Mercenary's maximum health
and shield block effectiveness.

Freehand Reversal - While the Fencer fights with their offhand empty, they gain an increase to their base chance to double attack, and increased rank also increases their chance to Riposte incoming melee attacks. Thief's Prowess - Increases the Thief's chance at reducing hate by enemies that are causing harm to the thief.

Blackguard's Luck - Increases the
Blackguard's chance at critical melee damage.

Avast Ye - Grants the Pirate chances at additional melee attack while attacking from the flank or behind
any opponent.

Opportunistic Cover - While a Roundshield is equipped, the Mercenary gains increased combat auto-attack damage.

Unencumbrance - The Fencer gains chances to strike twice while auto-attacking, as long as the Fencer's off-hand remains free. Evasiveness - The Thief accrues less hate with enemies in combat, allowing them to get away with dealing greater amounts of damage without bringing attention to
Traumatic Swipe - A positional melee attack that
greatly increases the recast time of all abilities of the enemy struck by
this ability.

Sailwind - The Pirate's casting speed is increased and recovery times are reduced, allowing them to use their abilities in succession faster than before.

Formation - The Mercenary is always prepared for battle. They gain increased health, physical resists, shield block, and if they are in defensive stance, they can increase hate with enemies that strike the mercenary.

Coule - The Fencer's combat skills are exceptional.
Increases ranged, piercing, slashing, parry, and defense.

Feign - Allows the Thief to trick enemies into thinking the
thief is dead, while avoiding area of affect abilities that do not directly target the thief. This effect is cancelled by standing.

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General and Scout lines.

Impenetrable Chains Improves the bonuses of the Blackguard and Fancy
Footwork lines and gives them additional physical mitigation gains.
Rogue's Flurry Improves the base and critical damage of the
Rogue's Snap of the Wrist and Battery and Assault line of skills.
Circle of Blades Increases the base and critical damage of the
Rogue's Barroom Negotiation and Lucky Gambit line of skills.
Hidden Adversary Hidden Adversary improves the hate reduction of
the Rogue's Shadow Slip line of abilities.
Battle Endurance Adds additional stamina to the Rogue's Bladeweaver
and Street Smarts line of spells. It also increases the strength and
agility found in those spell lines.
Poison Mastery The rogue will do additional damage with all
tradeskill based poisons.
Thieving Essence Drains some of the target's spells and combat art
damage and gives it to the rogue's group.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Cunning Prowess Improves the damage of combat arts.
Capo Ferro A swift style of fencing improves the reuse speed
of the rogue.
Ruthless Riposte The rogue will do additional damage when parrying
incoming attacks.
Coordination Using Snap of the Wrist of Batter and Assault
allows the rogue to focus their coordination, granting them a higher
chance to hit their targets.
Evading Awareness Improves the trigger chance of Ignorant Bliss and
the rogue's triggered threat reduction ability.
Dance of Metal The rogue strikes the same spot on the target with
each combat art, granting them additional damage with each attack for up
to 8 triggers.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016