Ranger/Assassin AP Chart

Predator Achievement Points Tree






Blademaster's Strength - Increases the Blademaster's strength by 4 each rank.

Archer's Agility - Increases the Archer's agility by 5 for each rank Hunter's Stamina - Increases the Hunter's stamina by 6 for each rank Prowler's Wisdom - Increases the Prowler's wisdom by 7 for each rank Nightshade's Intelligence - Increases the Nightshade's intelligence by 7 for each rank

Bladed Opening - A melee sword attack that does additional damage the target is above 80% health.

Sword must be equipped in Primary. Damage increases per point spent in skill.

Point Blank Shot - A short range bow shot that knocks down the target on a successful hit.

Requires a bow and stuns for 1.8 seconds. Each additional point spent in the skill increases damage.

Spinning Spear - A melee spear attack that strikes all enemies surrounding the Hunter.

Spear must be equipped.

Placating Strike - A melee rapier attack that deals little damage, but lowers your target's hatred towards you.

Requires a rapier in primary hand.

Poison Combination - A melee dagger attack that can only be used on a poisoned target. It severely reduces the target's poison resistance for a short duration.

Resistance and damage increases per point spent in skill.

Intercepting Blades - Increases the Blademaster's parry skills

Increases Parry skill 1.3 per point spent in skill..

Fitness - Increases the Archer's in combat movement speed.

In combat movement speed is increased 1.3% per point spent in skill

Conditioning - Increase the Hunter's maximum health.

Increase health by 1.0% per point spent in skill.

Prowler's Cunning - Increases the Prowler's defense skills.

Increases Defense of caster by 1.1 per point spent in skill.

Neurotoxic Coating - Applies a toxic coating on the Nightshade's armor. Anyone striking the Nightshade in combat suffers decreases in their combat and casting skills for a short duration.

Precision of Blades - Increases the Blademaster's chances at critical melee damage.

1.3% increase in melee critical chance per point spent in skill.

Ranged Expertise - Increases the Archer's Chieftain's chances to critical ranged damage.

Surrounding Attacks - Grants the Hunter an increased chance at attacking up to 4 enemies surrounding the Hunter with every auto attack attempt.

% Chance increases per point spent in skill.

Obfuscation - The Prowler's Stealth and Stalk abilities have their casting speed and reuse timer speed increase. Toxic Expertise - Increases the Nightshade's chance at critical hits when using poisons and effects that trigger spell damage.

Perfectionist - The Blademaster's attack based combat-arts that require a reuse timer greater than 2 minutes have their reuse timer reduced and damage increased.

CA's with reuse timers over 2 minutes have reuse refreshed by 50% and damage increased by 15%

Poise - Increases the Archer's casting speed on all CA's.

Increases casting speed of the cast by 35%.

Impenetrable - The Hunter parries all combat attacks for a short duration. While in effect, the Hunter cannot use any Combat Arts.

Lasts 6.0 seconds.

Smoke Bomb- The Prowler creates a smoke cloud, interrupting enemies and place the Prowler into stealth. Hate with all nearby enemies is reducted.

Decreases threat in Area of Effect by 225

Interrupts targets in Area of Effect

Puts caster into stealth

Intoxication - The Nightshade applies an extremely intoxication poison. The next melee attack that lands will cause the victim severe disorientation, causing damage and reducing all their combat and casting skills.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016