As rogues, we go crazy about weapons. It's the first thing people check on us when we're level 70 and in a group, and the most important part of our gear aside from the combination of armor and trinkets. So what is the ideal setup for PvE and PvP, and where could you get them? This guide aims to answer these questions and more.

If you're already raiding past Serpentshrine Cavern or have Season 3 or 4 Weaponry, then feel free to use those instead.

Player vs Enemy (PvE) Setups

The most important thing to remember when gearing up for PvE, be it groups or dungeons, is that you must ideally seek out Swords at any cost, as they provide the best damage output in a group situation. Even now, if you aim to be at the top of the DPS meters, you will be required to use Swords for an easy climb to the top.

Reasons why Swords are better than Maces, Daggers and Fists

Swords have 1 sole thing going for them: Sword Specialization. This combat talent is a must-have for any serious PvE rogue as it allows you to obtain more free hits from your sword(s) in your slots, thus increasing your dps notably. If you have combat potency, this will be invaluable, and you should always strive to have atleast a sword in your offhand so you get the full effect from Sword Specialization.

Current best combos for PvE DPS

This setup assumes you use Slice&Dice (2-3 Points) + Rupture (5 Points)

Merciless Gladiator's Slicer + Merciless Gladiator's Quickblade - Easiest by far to obtain, this combo will allow you to have a steady stream of DPS. While it is probably not the absolute best pre-raid setup you may obtain, it's the one that will be easier for you to obtain without venturing deep into Heroic Dungeons to seek out the comparable and moderately better second combo provided.

Vanir's Right Fist of Brutality + Merciless Gladiator's Quickblade - A superior combo, still recommending sword specialization for the added hits, the mainhand doing damage may also net you extra swings from your offhand. The downside? The Vanir fist is 105 Badges of Honor from the Isle of Quel'Danas vendor.

Vanir's Right Fist of Brutality + Vanir's Left Fist of Savagery - Great combo for Crit damage, using Fist Specialization will net you lots of crits but you will lag behind in some blows. 150 Badges of Justice required.

Swords are the kings of DPS, and a great way to strive for the top of the damage meters. Remember to keep using Combat atleast to Sword Specialization in order to squeeze the most out of your weapons at all times. If you do have access to the Badge Fists, those'll be a slight upgrade, yet not by much. Achieve the best DPS weapons and armor through Karazhan and Heroic runs if you do not want to PvP for your swords.

Current best combo for PvP Combat

PvP Combat is quite a different beast, as you don't require a lot of hits, and your role is more of a stunlocker more than anything, you want your opponents to be out of commission and killed quickly by you or your teammates while avoiding harm. Maces will be your pick here, no matter what.

Merciless Gladiator's Pummeler + Merciless Gladiator's Bonecracker - Best combo for now, your teams will not complain if they see you wearing these newly-available weapons from Honor. Get in those battlegrounds as these are the best you may get until you climb up in the PvP area!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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