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  • Overview
  • Minimum Level
  • Zones within RoV
  • Quests and Quest Starters
  • Heritage Quests Involving Ruins of Varsoon
  • Soloing Opportunities
  • Opportunities for Groups


Skellies and golems and evil flesh eating books of death!!  The
Ruins of Varsoon house many undead and magical beings, but much is
unknown about the ruins and it's master Varsoon.  Many tell
stories of
what could have been regarding Varsoon, but nothing is solid.  It
is said that Varsoon was on a personal quest to find the key to
immortality, and near completion of his experiments, something went
terribly wrong.  Even now Varsoon still seems to continue his
quest for ultimate immortality by trying to take the lives of those who
dare enter his chambers.  The tunnels that surround his lair are
home to animated skeletons on unknown errands and irratible Golems that
roam the halls.  Tomes rich with knowledge attack unexpecting
adventurers with powerful, magical force.  Tunnels in the
beggining portion of the zone house shrieking bats, giant spiders and
goos of many sizes.  Prison rooms hold poor creatures begging for
freedom and the eerie remains of the departed. 

Minimum level:

There is no level restriction for this zone, but it is recommended for
groups between the levels of 25 and 35.  I stress the importance
of using a group of at least 3 in this zone.  Soloers can not get
too much further than the first few connecting tunnels fighting single
mob goos, spiders and bats.  After that things get a bit

The level recommendation also depends on your intentions.  If your
group want's to delve deep into recesses of RoV and even possibly
access the Chamber of Immortality for a shot at Varsoon himself, you
might want to consider a large group of lvl 25-30 or a smaller group
between levels 30-39.  (This is assuming that you want experience
for each kill)

Like it or not, there are a slew of quests that are going to require
you to visit this creepy zone, and many of them are well worth it.

NOTE:  If you plan on
grouping in RoV a lot, you might want to
consider taking the Golem choice for your creature mastery
spell/ability.  You will be prompted with a creature choice at
level 32. 

Zones Inside the Ruins of Varsoon:

  • The only seperate
    zone within the Ruins of Varsoon is the Chamber of Immortality, which
    is really more of an instance rather than a full zone.  This is
    where the infamous Varsoon himself resides with his minions.  See
    the Access Quest section below for information on how to gain access to
    this zone.

Quest Starters:

  • Collection quests:
    • Iridescent
      Beetle Collection
      : You should be able to start and complete this
      collection by examining the glowing "?" symbols found on the
      ground.  Check out the href="">Ten
      Ton Hammer Collection Guide for more info.
  • Lore and Legend:
    • Lore and Legend - Golem
      Collect this creature mastery book by
      venturing into the tailor shop.  It is the same room where the
      Tome of
      Life spawns.  Read through the book to initiate the quest. 
      There are
      plenty of golems in the deeper parts of RoV to get a good jump on the
  • Normal quests:
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Acidic Liquid:
        style="font-weight: normal;">This quest starts by examining a beeker
      found in the Varsoon
      apprentice room. Take the liquid back to Rebik
      Sprocketrock in the Baubleshire for a decent lvl 21 duel wield AGI/STR
      piercing weapon.
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Fine Silks for Sale:
        style="font-weight: normal;">Examine a silk roll found
      near the mindless
      tailors.  You will be given 3 options of where to take the
      silk.  Where you take the silk will determine the reward you
      recieve.  Oracle Liandrin at the Oracle Tower in Antonica will
      give you the bright blue and yellow Liandrin's Oracle Robe.  
      Danielle Clothspinner in North Qeynos will give slippers and Adair
      Barnes in the Down Below gives adventurers the Dusty Earring of the
  • Access Quests
    • href=""
      target="_blank">The Cove of Decay - Prison Break: style="font-weight: normal;">  This quest is the first of three
      quests required to obtain access to the Cove of Decay in the Thundering
      Steppes.  You may want access to this zone to complete heritage
      quests such as Hadens Earring and Stilleto's Orders.  Start this
      quest by speaking to
      Thana Rumblehoof, a
      centaur held behind bars in one of the Varsoon prisons. 
      Free Thana and her companion by slaying gaurds until one drops a
      key.  Once freed they will lead you back to the RoV entrance and
      point you toward the next NPC to start access quest #2.
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Where Will This Lead Me:
        style="font-weight: normal;">This is the access quest for the Chamber
      of Immortality zone.  (NOTE:
      You must have learned the Halasian Language to receive
      this quest). Speak to Arven
      Oshus (+554, -82) style="font-weight: normal;"> in Thundermist Village which 
      resides in the Thundering Steepes.  Arven will send you to find
      Elderly Hermit found either just southwest or northeast of the RoV
      entrance. The hermit will want you
      to kill 3 named skelletons in RoV.  They are
      Ci'Re in the workshop
      of the enchanter, Et'sipe Ymeresh in the workshop of the sorcerer,
      and Erbmys Sumyd in the workshop of the summoner.

Heritage Quests Involving the
Ruins of Varsoon

There are many different Heritage
Quests that involve parts of the
Ruins of Varsoon throughout their progression.  The titles of each
listed below are linked to their respective guides found here at
TTH.  Click on them
for more specific information.

    • href=""
      target="_blank">A Strange Black Rock: 
      This quest
      starts by
      speaking to Scholar
      Al'Quylar behind the Oracle Tower in Antonica.  The reward is the
      Glowing Black Stone, a nice +INT, +WIS neck item.  Legend has it
      that the Black Stone is actually Varsoons evil heart.  The quest
      will send you through RoV 3 different times.  The Scholar will ask
      you to find research tomes, detroy the tomes of life and death and
      finally kill Varsoon himself.
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Hadden's Earring:  style="font-weight: normal;"> Talk to Kerath
      at the Thundering Steppes docks to start this quest.  Finishing
      this quest will net you the Fishbone Earring  which is most well
      known for it's water breathing properties.  This quest style="font-weight: normal;">will eventually send you through RoV to
      kill off
    • Hrath V'Tol found in the sorcerer's workshop.
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Restoring Ghoulbane: 
      Talk to
      after finishing the href=""
      Needs a New Broom" and href=""
      target="_blank">"Dusty Blue Stone"
      quests. You can find
      Toranim in the Temple of Life located in North Qeynos.  Skyblade
      will require you to enter the Tomb of Valor to take
      Ghoulbane. The tomb of valor can only be accessed after
      completing the quest href=""
      target="_blank">"A Key to the Past".
      One of the creatures required to charge Ghoulbane is The Creator. 
      The Creator can be found in the Chamber of Immortality in RoV. 
      Completing this quest will give adventurers the holy sword Ghoulbane
      which does additional damage to undead enemies.
    • href=""
      target="_blank">Stiletto's Orders
        This is the quest for the Manastone, a
      item that increases power in exchange for health.  Start by
      Killing off a shifty Ratonga named Stiletto who roams near the
      Skindancer gnolls in the Thundering Steppes.  He will drop his
      orders.  Pick them up and examine them to receive the quest. 
      You will need access to Cove of Decay.  See the Access Quest
      section above for more information on how to start. The Stiletto HQ
      will involve RoV by requiring you to examine a book in the workshop of
      the enchanter then kill Weavemaster Esh'Rax in the tailor room.

Soloing Opportunities:

If you're 25-32:

  • Spiders, Bats, and
    Goos.  Becareful of adds around here
    though.  Even these smaller mobs come in groups of 2 and three
    which is about all you will be able to take on by yourself.

If you're 33-39:

  • At this point you should
    be able to take on the guards in the
    Varsoon prisons by yourself and even move past to the first large
    workroom to pull some of the single or double grouped skeletons.

If you're 40+:

  • Once you hit 40 you can
    move through most of RoV safely as
    everything should be greyed out.  At this point you could even
    take some of the larger groups spread throughout RoV and even some of
    Heroic 3up mobs.

Grouping Opportunities

Around level 25-32:

  • With a balanced group of
    no less than three, you should be able
    to make it through most of the Ruins with a good challenge.  Some
    of the big named mobs like the Tomes of life and death, Varsoon, 
    and some named skellies might still present a problem.  Be
    cautious when roaming.

style="font-weight: normal;">Around level 33-39: style="font-weight: normal;">:

  • RoV should be no problem
    at this point.  Everything should
    con blue and green, and experience should still come quite
    easily.  This is a very safe range to group at.  Varsoon will
    beg for mercy.

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