Every MMOG need to have a solid story line to go along with
the game play.  Runes of Magic has quite a bit of
 ready-to-order lore that it serves up.  Like lots of
MMOG's you will only get some of the lore in game.  So we sent
out our very own ZeroMerc into the catacombs below Varanas to find what
he could about the humble beginings of Taborea.

While the faction groups below have no real impact on
the game you will run into them from time to time. Outside of the title
under their name its hard to tell them apart. You will probably
interact with those from the Phirius Workshops more frequently than any
other as they seem to give out daily quests and also you can buy stuff
from them through out the game. So if you spot one of the faction
members in the land of Taborea

  • Check out what he found

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016