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The Knight is the cliché meat shield in most MMOGs and in href="">Runes of Magic this
is no different. You are
the guys and gals they stick out in front to take the damage and get
beaten upon whilst your DPS friends get to take all the glory. They
shine so bright in the eyes of the villages you just saved from the
onslaught of evil that you will need sunscreen.  Never mind that
you are the only reason their squishy self is still breathing; because
if not for you and your healer, they would have never made it back to

So the Knight will be out in front
taking all the damage, right? Well, not always, at least this isn't
necessarily the case in
Runes. The dual classing options give you the
opportunity to gain some of glory for yourself.  That is not to
say you
cannot or will not be called upon to be the meat shield because you
will, but with this game the dual classing gives you plenty of options
help you explore less of your red-headed step child side and more of
make-everybody-else-wear-sunscreen-side. Based on the fact that
groups will need a tank and there are better options out
there in terms of straight-up damage dealing classes, if you roll on a
Knight then expect to be
tanking. It’s what they are best at and if you really want to be
a damage dealer you may want to consider rolling a href="">Mage
or href="">Rogue
their potential DPS far outshines that of a primary Knight character.

Before we dive into the pros and cons of the available dual class
options for the Knight, here are a few things to keep in mind that will
help make the selection process a bit easier for you:

  • Choose Wisely – Know that choosing the
    Knight as your primary class will often see you called upon to tank in

  • Research – Just because a Knight
    usually tanks does not mean they always have to. Picking a secondary
    class that focuses on DPS or utility can have a sizable impact on which
    specific roles you can ultimately fulfill in combat.

  • Plan for Skill Progression - The “class specific”
    abilities are not
    accessible for your secondary class, so if you prefer the class skills
    of a different class over those of the Knight, you may want to
    reconsider your primary class selection from the outset.

  • Abilities - You only gain 10% of abilities to
    enhance your primary class.

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Description and Benefits
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Ton Hammer Score


This class combo is not available due to race restrictions



The key to selecting the Mage as your secondary lies in an elite
ability which allows damage to be mitigated to your mana pool rather
than your health pool. It will also provide you with some passive
damage skills that can help you maintain threat on targets that are not
the current focus.



This will turn the basic Knight into the a-typical Paladin class. You
are essentially combining the protection of plate armor with the
ability to heal yourself and others. One of the Priest's skills can
also give you the ability to reduce threat generation, which will
mainly benefit you when stepping into the role of offtank.



A Rogue secondary brings the phrase "crit your face off" to mind. The
DPS output is only enhanced by the Rogue's numerous damage types. This
can be useful in a tanking role if you manage your runes well for other
things such as health or defensive abilities, or could turn you into
more of a straight forward (though much more heavily armored) DPS class.



A Scout secondary will give you both a ranged and an AoE taunt. Both of
these will certainly come in handy whether stepping into the role of
main tank or offtank. Just be careful not to go crazy with the taunts
on too many mobs or you may find yourself taking a dirt nap if your
healer can't keep up.



This class combo is not available due to race restrictions



If you're aiming to be the most solid tanking class out there, it's
hard to go wrong with a Warrior secondary. You'll be able to mitigate
huge amounts of damage, and even some point-blank AoE attacks that help
you keep threat on multiple mobs at once. This is a highly recommended
class combo if you're serious about tanking and want to do it better
than anyone else in the game.


Final Thoughts

A Knight is typically the Tank in the game. 
There are a few combos that can cause you to be more of a damage dealer
but you will more than likely be looked upon to hold the aggression of
the bad guys while your DPS type friends get all the glory. Just
know that you will, no matter what, be out front and in the way of the
guys getting to everybody else. So tank your job seriously but
have fun playing the game!

[Writer's Note: The listed Ten
Ton Hammer scores
are based on general Runes of Magic information and how each
combo is perceived to play in the game. Actual game time with the dual
listed varies greatly. If you have suggestions for improving our dual
class coverage please post them in our forums or feel free to contact
ZeroMerc by PM
or e-mail ([email protected])
so that we may be as up to date and
accurate as possible. Thanks!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016