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most people think of a Priest they think of healers. Some MMOG
titles have gone a long way to add things to the priest that give
them the ability to branch off into a damage dealing class. Now I
understand that a Priest needs some ability to deal damage so that
you can level them up. My question is why oh why would a pure Priest
which is arguably by their very definition a helper and a healer want
to harm people? Well thankfully in Runes of Magic this makes much
more sense. If you want to do damage you simply pick up another

another class you say? Why would I do that when my glow alone causes
other players to reach for their sunscreen. I mean I am the priest. I
am the healer. Big things do not happen unless I am there to keep
everybody alive. I mean seriously. Other classes can solo and level
up just fine with a few healing potions but if they want to get
anything done I had better be there or they will be sending final
letters to their family.”

so maybe a Priest alone is good for most games but not for Runes of
Magic. Let’s take a look at all the possible dual class options
for the Priest and see what we can do.


  • Choose
    wisely –
    know that choosing a Priest is basically a choice to heal things
  • Research – just
    because the main function of a Priest is to heal things does not
    completely exclude to you from everything else
  • The
    specific” abilities are not accessible for your secondary class
  • You
    only gain 10%
    of abilities to enhance your primary class

face="Corbel, sans-serif">Class

face="Corbel, sans-serif">What
It Does

face="Corbel, sans-serif">Ten
Ton Hammer Score


size="2">You might consider this a “monk” class. If you
never thought you would see an effective melee monk in a MMOG then you
thought wrong. Perhaps not the best DPS in the game but certainly a fun
class to play



size="2">Well the Priest is a range class as all healing
classes are. Then you add the Scout which is a ranged damage class and
what do you get? A class with a fair amount of utility. I still think
you will be healing with this combo but it also gives you the option to
deal some damage while you are healing.



size="2">Another Priest damage class. This one looks to have
the most damage potential. I find it odd to think of a Priest as
somebody who can do melee damage but here is an example of where it
works and I think works well



size="2">Heals x 5. This class combo gives you everything
you want from a healer then buffs it up with the uber magic
capabilities of the mage and you become a healer to be reckoned with.



size="2">The holy nature of the priest combined with the
chivalrous leanings of the Knight and you get what is probably
considered to be the main healer in the game. It’s simple to me... The
Priest heals and the Knight makes them better at it.



size="2">This dual class option does not exist based on race



size="2">This dual class option does not exist based on race



Priest is a Priest
of course. There are a fair amount of options presented by the dual
class choices but as usual when there is a stock class like the
Priest you can be expected to heal. If for some reason you have a
pension for dealing damage as a class that is normally helping people
then Runes will work for you. If you just want to heal and be the
best healer you can be then Rune is for you. I like this class and
its options. What do you think? Let us know in our Runes of Magic

All information is based off of available elite skills and general
class information.  Ten Ton Hammer
face="Corbel, sans-serif">
are based on general Runes of Magic information and how various
face="Corbel, sans-serif">
perceived to play in the game. Actual game time with the dual class
listed varies greatly. If you have suggestions or updates please feel
free to post in the form below and notify ZeroMerc by PM or e-mail
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so that we may be as up to date and accurate as possible. Thanks!]

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016