We know the Rogue likes to sneak around
and usually likes to stick to the shadows where you really never need
sunscreen.  When you combine the Rogue with other classes you get
quite a few options that really open it up and give it more utility
than it already has.  The Rogue rarely is seen and with the
enhancement of other classes that does not have to change much.

There is really not much to say about
the Rogue dual classes except you are going to take what you are
already good at and enhance it.  I cannot think of one dual class
option that doesn’t add a different type of utility to a class that
already has some fairly decent utility abilities native to the core
class.  There are some very different choices out there based on
what you pick but none of them really seem to be a “bad” choice. 

A Rogue will not be super easy to
play.  This seems to be a common trend in a lot of games. 
However, put them in the hands of a capable player that wants to be the
best player that they can be and you will get a force to be reckoned
with.  Let’s take a look at what can be done with them, but first
here are a few things you should keep in mind when deciding which dual
class option is best for you.




•Choose wisely – know that choosing a
Rogue is choosing to kill things quickly

•Research – just because the main
function of a Rogue is to kill does not mean you cannot be otherwise

•The “class specific” abilities are not
accessible for your secondary class

•You only gain 10% of abilities to
enhance your primary class

face="Corbel" size="2">Class Combo face="Corbel" size="2">What It Does face="Corbel" size="2">Ten Ton Hammer Score
Rogue/Druid What do you get when you cross a
damage dealer with a healer?  You get somebody who knows how to
kill in lots of ways.  A Rogue/Druid combo is fun, poisonous, and
Rogue/Knight If the Knight is the typical
tank you get more survival for your Rogue when you combine it right?
Well you do to a point.  Remember you can only wear leather as the
heaviest armor. So you get some survivability but you also get some
crazy damage!
Rogue/Mage Trap, trap, trap, and then
increase your damage.  This combo can hold the enemy in place and
damage them while they are there.  Good utility to the group!
Rogue/Priest This combo seems to have quite a
bit of utility as far as helping out your group and allowing you to
cause a fair amount of damage.  The only real drawback I see here
is that there may almost be too much utility that could cause
Rogue/Scout So a Rogue does damage and a
Scout does damage…  When you put damage dealers together you get
more damage multiplied by damage!!  If you want to deal the
maximum damage this is a good place to be.
Rogue/Warden Gives you a damage buff and a
way to reduce your own damage taken.  Not a bad place to
start.  I’d like to say this is going to increase your damage over
all but there are few elites at this time.
Rogue/Warrior This combo takes all the damage
of the Rogue and combines it with the physical buffing abilities of the
Warrior and turns them on their head so they are debuffs for the
enemy.   Used correctly in conjunction with a tank you are
going to make everybody in your group more effective.


[Writer’s Note: All
information is based off of available elite skills and general class
information.  T
en Ton Hammer
scores are based on general Runes of Magic information and how
are perceived to play in the game. Actual game time with
the dual class listed varies greatly. If you have suggestions or
updates please feel free to post in the form below and notify ZeroMerc
by PM or e-mail (
target="_blank">[email protected] face="Corbel" size="2">) so that we may be as up to date and
accurate as possible. Thanks!

-Final Thoughts-


As mentioned in what all the classes do
there are some choices that add more utility and some that add
less.  With a Rogue I would say choose very carefully for what you
are capable can be very different based on that choice.  A Rogue
will serve you well in all that you choose for it to do.  Just
make sure you know what it is you can do so you can use your class to
its fullest!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016