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An undead dragon previously of the Blue Flight, Sapphiron is the final defense to Kel’Thuzad’s room. He holds a rich backstory within the Warcraft series and provides an epic battle that was previous unseen to WoW. Those who make it past all of the other thirteen bosses will face something far past what they expect.


FROST RESISTANCE. Setup the raid for a balanced fight, but with FROST RESISTANCE. LOTS OF FROST RESISTANCE. Oh, and cold protection potions and of course consumables. FROST RESISTANCE. If you can see the theme here, Frost Resistance is very important in this encounter.


Frost Immunity: Frost spells do no damage or have any affect on Sapphiron.

Flight: He will fly in the air after 35 seconds of fighting to do five Icebolts and one ice breath then land for seventy seconds before doing it again.

Icebolt: Does 2625-3375ish damage with a moderate splash. The attack will stun you for three seconds. It can proc an Ice Block like affect putting you in a protective block of ice for 22 seconds but keeping you from moving or attacking.

Frost Breath: A slow moving attack launched from the air (before Sapphiron lands) that is aimed towards the middle of the room. The attack will hit the ground then “splash” outward. Those who are Ice Blocked from his Icebolt are immune along with anyone hiding behind them (being effectively out of LoS).

Frost Aura: Does 600 frost damage every second or so. Can be partially resisted.

Life Drain: Drains life and heals Sapphiron, simply remove the curse to prevent this.

Blizzard: A beefed up Mage’s Blizzard, simply stand out of it to be safe. It will slow you down.


This is like an Onyxia fight, except well instead of Onyxia you have a giant Frostwyrm who wants to rain ice down upon you. Tactics for this fight will differ and only the knowledge of combat with this beast can lead to its defeat. The best suggestion to start out with is to try tanking Sapphiron until he flys then have your raid stand behind anyone who is Ice Blocked to keep safe from his Frost Breath.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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