Saving Soles - Golden Efreeti Boots

This is a great quest to pair up
with the index.php?module='ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=568"'>Lost Legend of Lavastorm as they involve traveling about the same area.

Before you can
start this quest you must first, index.php?module='ContentExpress&file=index&func=display&ceid=200&meid=148#Goblin"'>Learn to Speak Goblin. Okay now that that is out of the way off to
Lavastorm. Walk off the docks and go thru the tunnel, hang a right until you find Charly Ashlash a wandering goblin around -325, -135,+350. He can be bugged and sometimes under the ground just have to wait for a server reset to clear it. Hail him and he will want you to kill
20 crawlers and 20 drakes. The drakes are the easiest one, head back toward the docks and there on the beach are drakes, tada. Commence with the killing. Now for the crawlers, head back to Charly and continue in that direction, and before you cross the lava bridge you will find
crawlers, these are heroic and best left for group killing. After you've slain 50 return to Charly.

He gives you a boot, yes just one, silly Goblins. Examine the boot. You must now kill a smelly fish back over by the docks. The fish you are looking for is Foulgill the Rotten sounds pretty smelly to me. He's on a
short respawn timer (about 5 minutes). You can also try killing Foulgill's
placeholder "a slightly smelly fish" found at around -175, -136, 545. Now that you have killed the fish, who is a level 47 solo mob, You have 2 hours to bait the trap. Im guessing you dont want this fish to get much more smelly. Well remember where you killed the crawlers. Head across the bridge and just in front of you is a pile of debris at -565, -1103, +4103. Have everyone right click on it to bait the trap if they are also doing the quest. A hungry goblin will run up to it and "The Big Squiggly" will spawn. 48 or 49^^ mob. He's a toughie have a full group for this. Once he's dead you will get the right boot. Yay a complete set!

Now you just got a boot from a goblin and one from a rock monster, you want to make sure these are quality so you must check with an efreeti to make sure their USDA choice cuts of shoe leather. Head to the temple of Solusek Ro and talk to Tazgar the Efreeti. When you hail him 4 mobswill spawn, of course kill them. He tells you to head to Solusek's Eye and kill fire giants to get a key. Its a quest update so everyone can get it at the same time. Once you have the key head back to lavastorm to disable the 5 spires. This is where an Illusionist comes in handy! Go Go Group Invis! (Sure other classes have group invis but I'm an illusionist so I used myself as an example).

Locations as follows: (-635, -111, +300) (+120, -5, -465) (-115, +19,+75) (-438, -99, +120) (-567, -28, -410) all in

Once the spires are disabled you must kill The Magolemus. Since you'e gone to Sol Eye, I hope you've activated the portal. Mago is a level 50^^^.
He used to be an epic, which is why this is labeled and epic quest line, but he
is not heroic. Once he's been activated and changed to attackable you have 15 minutes to kill him. Not 15 minutes to attack him. After 15 minutes hes gone it doesn't matter if he's got 5 health he's gone for 2 hours. Thank you come again. Well A ghost will appear when you kill him, hail the ghost. You don't even have to be in the group that killed him to hail the ghost, Could just be an innocent passer by.  Mwhaha. Now go back to all those spires and reactivate them. Go and talk to Tazgar in the temple again.

You need an access quest for this next part. designtimesp="18723"
index.php?module='ContentExpress&func=display&ceid=570"'> The Efreeti Bastion. After you enter the Bastion of Flames
(on the 5th level) you will notice your on a small platform. Have the casters stand around the edge on the opposite side from the main tank. When your killing lava will rise and cover your feet, if you take a step in any direction you will die, do not pass go do not collect $200. So stay put! By activating the lamps on the sides you will spawn some lesser efreeti's kill all 4 and a bigger lamp will come down from the roof. This is why you stay out of the center. Activate the lamp and Efreeti Lord Djarn will spawn. Kill him, again without taking a movement step. Return again to Tazgar to finally get your boots!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016