A few hours ago (late evening on October 25th) the Zombie Infestation that has plagued WoW players for the past three days has been upgraded to an out and out Scourge invasion. Necropoli are invading the realms, the zombie debuff is down to a two minute cooldown, and the forces of the Argent Dawn are dwindling rapidly. Major in-game cities are falling to massive organized raids by zombies and the entire world of Azeorth is in peril. What can you do doing this outrageous zombie event and how to deal with that pesky Tenris Mirkblood who now resides in Karazhan? Well, take a look at our guide which will explain it all in detail.

The zombie infestation is a multi-phased event where every day it (so far) gets worse. Players can be infected with Arthas’s zombie plague in a multitude of ways that gives a debuff which will eventually turn a player into a zombie. Zombies have a ton of special features, including their ability to attack players of both factions, increased health, and an entirely new action bar full of zombie only abilities. The debuff can be cleansed or players can die as a zombie to return back to normal.

Click here to find out how you can be zombiefied or dezombiefied (your choice!).

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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