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By Charabis

Hello once more and welcome to another episode of the Search for Rare and Wonderous Creatures of the Gaming World. In today's episode, we'll be tracking the ultimate tracker,

the Scout! With a little luck, we'll be able to find some of these elusive and wonderous creatures.

We began our journey much the same as our previous ones, with a quick trip to the Gods and Heroes Homepage at Perpetual Entertainment.

There, we found Perpetual's most current view of this elusive species:

Scions of Apollo or Diana, Scouts are lethally accurate archers who wield an impressive arsenal of shots, including Draining Telum, an instant shot that continues to damage long

after the missile meets its mark, and Rapid Fire, which allows them to launch their deadly bolts much more quickly.

Intrigued by this mention of powers, we hopped over to to learn more about

them. What we came back with was quite curious:

Rapid Fire The Scout's attack speed is increased causing the Scout to quickly fire more arrows at a reduced damage cost. Rate of fire and damage are increased for each additional

Feat point spent in Rapid Fire; maximum of three points. This Feat can be upgraded at level 20 instead of choosing a new Feat.

We found no mention in the Feat Trees listed there of Draining Telum, which can only mean one of two possibilities. Feat Trees are only being released to level 20, so it could

be that it's granted at a level higher than that. The second possiblity is that Perpetual has made changes to this Feat Tree and has not released those changes. You could say

that's why they're called "Tentative Feat Trees". Regardless, you can view the entire tree through the link above.

Certainly we couldn't leave our expedition off there! We journeyed on the long trek to a land called


, where we found this little tidbit in an interview they'd conducted with Stieg Hedlund and

Chris McKibbin:

The Scout focuses on ranged damage-dealing and is very consistent in this ability. He is also blessed with abilities which will remove them from combat, making them very likely

to avoid trouble. Additionally, the Scout is able to do some crowd control and forage for own food and drink.

Foraging for their own food and drink? This was dire news for our team. With time running short, and these elusive creatures having no need to resupply in towns, we had all

but given up hope of seeing one. We began our sad trudge back to base with no photographic proof of these curious creatures.

Suddenly, on the road ahead, we saw one! We quickly ducked into the bushes to observe the creature, actually capturing two shots in one. We had broken into two teams. Our

assistant photographer grabbed this shot for us:

Unfortunately, a short way off camera, Phineus, our former photography lead, had climbed into a tree to get a better shot. Between the cover of the tree and the single lens on

the camera looking like a giant eye, the Scout mistook him for a Cyclops and fired. Fortunately, his sacrifice was not in vain as we captured the above shot for posterity as

the fateful arrow was released. Rest well, Phineus.

The Scout went over to Phineus' body, and crumpled his face in disgust before running off. Interestingly, that's much the same response we'd always had dealing with him. So it

was with light hearts that we went on our way to publish our findings.

Here at Ten Ton Hammer, we never stop looking for the latest and greatest information. Today, we're bringing you more of the information we've managed to find about the Scout. The current Scout is a bit different from the older one. As the mysterious beta tester said in journal #8:

About ten months ago, I made a Scout and I gave the Dev’s feedback that leveling it to ten was like pulling teeth. I found Mystic, Gladiator, Soldier, even Priest fun to play. I could not stand Scout. I figured every class is not for every person, and while I didn’t like Scout, many others may. Scout was also in that locked combat, so even if you were several yards away, you were locked in place while firing your arrows. I felt it confining for a Scout, and there were other issues that I do not remember off hand, but I wrote out a nice long feedback post about not liking it and why.

This is the first time I have picked up Scout since then. I have leveled him to ten so far, and I show no signs of getting off him. Somewhere during my ten-month absence from the class, the class became fun! Nearly every issue that I, and others in CT 1 had, has addressed and redone. They now do more damage, their animations have been shorten so it doesn’t take forever to get a feat off. They have freedom of movement now that combat lock is gone. The Scout’s feat tree has had a revamp and they have new, more useful abilities. I could go on, and I am very pleased I am actually enjoying this class again.

The mysterious beta tester revealed some feat information for us. He mentions a feat called Incapacitating Telum, which seems to be a crowd control feat. It puts your target to sleep for 30 seconds, unless they take damage, which will break the sleep.

He also speaks of another feat that acts as a run buff. At an increase of 6% per rank to your run speed, Swiftness is sure to be a popular choice!

He also makes note of another feat, but did not supply a name for it. This ability is a ranged, damage-over-time spell. Once it hits, the damage keeps coming in smaller increments.

With this information, we journeyed to Games Radar to learn about two additional feats. The first, Quick Shot, is a, well, quick shot :P Faster than a normal shot and hitting harder, this is sure to make the early going easier.

Once you have a few levels under your belt, you might decide to take a look at Flaming Volley. Not only does this inflict fire damage on your target, but causes additional damage as time marches on!

Once more we left our camp, heading for home. We hope you've enjoyed this update on the Scouts of Gods and Heroes, and that you'll join us later today for an update on the Soldiers! Until then, for Search for Rare and Wonderous Creatures of the Gaming Wold, this is Charabis, wishing you a great day!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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