The Shado-Pan Assault is a faction that was added to Mists of Pandaria as of Patch 5.2. The Shado-Pan Assault are an extension of the Shado-Pan that can be found on the Isle of Thunder.

Since they are a sub-section of the Shado-Pan you will need to earn reputation with them separately.

Earning Reputation with the Shado-Pan Assault

There are only three ways to earn reputation with the Shado-Pan Assault. You can earn reputation with a limited number of quests, you can enter the Throne of Thunder raid, or you can turn in Shado-Pan Assault Insignia's.

The faction has a few quests that can be completed as you learn about them, and if you save at least one of them you can get to friendly without killing any raid bosses.

The second and most important way to earn reputation is by killing enemies in the Throne of Thunder Raid. You will earn reputation as follows:

  • Trash Mobs: 30 reputation each
  • Bosses: 300 reputation each

Trash mobs will grant reputation until you reach 1 point shy of friendly.

Boss kills will always grant reputation all the way to exalted however they will only grant it once per week, regardless of the difficulty level. This means that you can earn reputation just as quickly in LFR as Normal or Hard mode. It also means that if you are in a raiding guild that fails to kill all the bosses any given week you can find an LFR group to make sure you earn the reputation for the bosses that you did not kill in normal mode.

The last way to earn reputation is by collecting and turning in Shado-Pan Assault Insignia's. These will grant 100 reputation for each one turned in. These can be found in the daily reward caches granted at the end of all the dailies. These are the Arcane Trove (Alliance Dailies) or the Sunreaver Bounty (Horde Dailies).

Shado-Pan Assault Reputation Rewards

WoW players like their rewards almost as much as they like new raid content. The fact that the two are generally linked makes us even more happy. The Shado-pan Assault rewards are essentially additional raid loot since the only way to earn the required reputation with them is through the Throne of Thunder raid.

The items available from the Shado-pan Assault, the reputation level required, and the valor points that you require to purchase them are as follows:

  • Amulets (Neck) are available at Neutral reputation for 1250 Valor Points.
  • Rings, Trinkets, and Bracers (Wrist) are available at Friendly reputation for 1250 / 1750 / 1250 Valor points respectively.
  • Gloves (Hands), Legs, and Cape (Back) are available at Honored reputation for 1750 / 2250 / 1250 Valor points respectively.
  • Chest, and Waist are available at Revered reputation for 2250 and 1750 Valor points respectively.
  • Shoulders are available at Exalted for 1,000 gold.

All of the items are item level 522 and epic. The amulets, capes, rings, and trinkets are available in 5 different versions to suit the different classes and specs. The chest, hands, legs, waists, and wrist rewards are available in 9 different versions. Lastly there are 10 different shoulder items available.

Shado-Pan Assault Quartermasters

There are two different quartermasters for the Shado-Pan Assault. You can find Teng of the Flying Daggers on the Isle of Thunder in the cave where you meet the Shado-Pan Assault. The other is Ao Pye who you can find at the Niuzao Temple in the Townlong steppes with the other valor and justice quartermasters on the back terrace of the temple.

Both of these quarter masters also sell the new Tier 15 set items, as long as you have the tokens from the Throne of Thunder raid. They are item level 502, 522, and 535 based on where you got your token from LFR, normal, or heroic respectively.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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