Shaman Alternate Advancements






Leg Bite - The Spirit Pet's next attack will interrupt the target, and cause piercing damage over time. Phalanx - An attack that roots the target in place on a successful hit. Dazing Bash - A crushing attack that briefly dazes the enemy, preventing them from making autoattacks. Ritual - The Rituatlist's next ward or health replenishment spell will have it's heal amount increased.

Rabies - Infects the Blighter's enemy with disease damage over time. When the first effect expires, the second is twice as powerful

Aura of Haste - Your group receives an increase in combat attack speed while near your pet. Ancestral Authority - Increases the amount of melee
damage done by the Chieftain

Block Harm - Increases the witchdoctor's block and double attack chances.

Ritual of Magic - Increases the ritualist's ordination, subjugation, and disruption skills Virulence - Increases the Blighter's base spell damage

Aura of Warding - Every time your pet attacks, there is a chance a group ward will be cast on the party.

Ancestral Spirits - Increases the Chieftain's chances
at critical healing

Herbal Expertise - Basic single target cure spells have reduced casting and recovery times, and cost less power.

Ritual of Mind - Improve the Ritualist's reuse speed Immunities - Nearby group allies gain a chance to outright prevent hostile spells from landing on them
Spiritual Foresight - Grants the Prophet's Spirit Companion immunity to Area of Effect abilities that do not directly target them. Every time the Spirit Companion strikes an enemy in combat, there is a chance that nearby group members can also avoid area of effect abilities for a short duration, causing less harm to them.

Tribal Rage - Grants the Chieftain chances to become enraged in combat., increasing attack speed and double attack chances.

Coagulate - Greatly increases the degree to which the witchdoctor's group can bleed before death.

Ritual of Alacrity - Increases the casting speed, recovery speed, , and lowers the reuse timers of an ally for a short duration. This cannot be cast on the Ritualist.

Scourge - Dispels beneficial effects from an enemy. For each one removed the target suffers disease damage.

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General and Priest lines.

Ancestral Curse Improves the debuff amounts of the Atrophy and
Haze lines of spells.
Tribal Frenzy Improves the hitpoint and power gain of the
Harbinger and Premonition lines.
Adds additional damage and causes the Fuliginous
Whip and Glacial Flames lines to critical for more.
Adds an additional group heal on termination of
the Umbral Warding and Carrion Warding line of spells.
Adds additional protection to the Ancient Shroud
and Ancestral Ward line of spells. These spells will also critical for
Grants the shaman additional weapon damage and a
chance to double attack.
Ancient Pedigree Ancient Pedigree adds additional health to the
shaman's pet and grants the pet a special attack.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Aura of Purity Grants the shaman's pet a chance to cure the group
when it attacks.
As a chieftain of the tribe, shamans provide
spiritual leadership. This leadership allows the chieftain to protect
their group when they go into Tribal Rage.
Herbal Recipe
Reduces the reuse speed of the Witchdoctor's group
Increases the duration of Ritual of Alacrity.
Rabid Hostility Improves the shaman's casting speed of hostile
Heals group members over time in an area effect.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016