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Welcome to the TenTonHammer Arena Shaman Guide!

Popular Talent Builds

The easiest way to go into the Arena is being a Resto Shaman - good healing abilities and survivability give the resto shaman a good spot in groups. Earth Shield and big heals are always appreciated. Taking a resto shaman up with good gear and enough time spent in the Arena will make you very, very hard to kill, moreso than a Priest and almost on par with a well-geared Paladin.

The other popular option for a Shaman is Elemental. You will be needing a lot of damage gear without sacrificing your stamina. Your main role will be focusing down one target and killing it as quickly as you can, preferably with a big crit or a proc to finish them before heals or support come their way. Healing others is secondary, you will be essentially a mage with totems, arena wise.


If possible, always try to have Nature's Swiftness for the Arena, it's a highly valued talent that lets you throw out a quick heal for extra support when damage is spiking too fast.

Make sure your partners have Earth Shield and all their appropiate buffs before you enter the match - it's also a good idea to request other buffs like underwater breathing and invisibility to be put ontop of yours, so if they get dispelled or purged, those go first.

When facing classes that have fear abilities, don't forget to use tremor totem.

As a Shaman, you will probably be targetted first by most groups since you are the healer or the biggest threat to the other group. Train yourself to stay alive the longest, be it by being further back, or having your partner(s) keep an eye out for you, especially early on during the match,

If you're resto, your best bet for a 2v2 is with a warrior. Using windfury, heals, and a warrior equal a pretty deadly team!

If you're elemental, you will be needing a burst team, ideally. This means you will want to kill players fast and not have the match drag on more than 1 minute, as it will have you (and your team) on low mana, and would mean a loss.

Stay tuned for more updates to this guide, remember, you will win some, you will lose some, but in the end, play to have fun!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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