World of Warcraft Patch 5.4 brings with it a brand new faction to earn reputation with. This new faction is for none other than the last Pandaren Emperor Shaohao.

For those that have not watched the short videos that Blizzard posted detailing the storyline around the last Emperor you can find them here: The Burdens of Shaohao.

This new faction is a little different than previous factions as it is not all about getting epic gear or even about completing a whole ton of daily quests. Instead it is mainly about killing the enemies you will find on the Timeless Isle to gain reputation, to be able to gain access to vanity loot, a battle pet, and a mount.

The Quartermaster for the Shaohao faction can be found in the Celestial Court on the Timeless Isle.

Gaining Shaohao Reputation

This faction is much different than many of the other factions in the game in that there are no dailies to complete to earn reputation for them. In fact there are very few quests at all for them.

There are several starting quests for the faction but then no repeatable quests later. The Quests are: The Last Emperor, Timeless Nutriment, Wayshrines of the Celestials, Drive Back the Flame, and The Archiereus of Flame. Each of the quests grant 250 reputation with the faction.

Other than the starting quests you will earn all of your reputation by killing the various Yaungol and Fire Elementals on the Timeless Isle. Each enemy defeated will grant between 5 and 25 reputation with the faction as well as having a chance to drop timeless coins which are a new currency to be used with the Shaohao faction.

Timeless Coins

Timeless coins drop from the various enemies on the Timeless Isle and are used to purchase the various rewards that are offered from the Shaohao quartermaster as well as items from the Mistweaver Ai on the Timeless Isle.

Shaohao Reputation Rewards

OK, on to the question everyone wants answered at this point, why should you grind yet another reputation in Mists of Pandaria? What is in it for you?

There are quite a few cool looking items that you can earn from this factions as soon as you reach friendly, that will make it worth the little effort that takes. While the items are not usable epic items they are pretty cool looking masks that you can use for appearances as you play with friends.

Once you reach Honored you are able to get scrolls of challenge that allow you to summon rare or rare elite enemies to defeat for additional timeless coins. You are also able to purchase pouches of timeless coins that contain more coins and chances at items. And lastly there is a DPS trinket that you can get that grants mastery, as well as haste on melee or ranged attacks. It also has a teleport ability to take you back to the timeless Isle which can be pretty handy.

Once you reach Revered you gain access to a medallion that can disguise you as a Celestial Defender which is a lot of fun, and access to a new rare pet for pet battles. The pet is the Harmonious Porcupette and has scratch, celestial blessing, hibernate, claw, moonfire, and tranquility. All that besides being really cute, as much as something covered in quills can be cute.

Lastly, once you become revered with the Shaohao you will gain access to a Heavenly Golden Cloud Serpent, which is an account wide mount. While it shares the skin of al the other cloud serpents, it will surely be a vanity item to show your dedication to the emperor for years to come.


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Last Updated: Mar 18, 2016

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