Silvenium is a heavily-forested and mountainous region though some recent
battles fought here have scorched parts of the land.

  • Roman loggers based at the Scobis Camp are frequently attacked by enraged
    Curetes, tree-like demons who resent the logging of the forests. The
    destruction of Silvenium's trees has also angered the spiteful Silenian
    Satyrs, and even some of the peaceful nymphae who live in the area.

  • the Fifth Legion, which is stationed at the Patienta Post, is no longer
    capable of protecting the logging operations. The Fifth's numbers were
    drastically decreased when they lost a major battle to Samnites led by General
    Lupinturr of the Hipiri tribe, who has established his stronghold in the

Terricula Peak is the highest point in all of Silveium offering breathtaking
views of the heavily forested region. Unfortunately, the peak is also home to an
ancient and powerful Curete who will not look kindly on you climbing up there,
even if you are just visiting for the view.

Levels 24-29

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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