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The Sith Warrior (Juggernaut / Marauder) is the Sith's subjugater, enforcer, and front line warrior in the battles across the empire and beyond. Sith Warrior's employ the help of several companions to make their task of subjugation a bit easier, and this is where your companions come into play. Your first companion to join you is Vette, a tank who will help you out in the early game to keep enemies distracted, but as your arsenal of companions expand so does your ability to field the right companion for the right task.

Companions provide a lot of benefits, from passive bonuses to their role in combat, to even running minor tasks. Every class usually has one solid DPS, tank, and healing companion in their roster, but sometimes you have a double-up. Some companions can be stronger at tanking than others, for instance, Pierce for the Warrior is more useful to a Marauder over a Juggernaut, due to the fact he's a ranged tank, but he's still useful if you're a Juggernaut if you want the romance option (Pierce doesn't have one in this example, making him forgetable if you want).

As the Sith Warrior cuts a swathe through the galaxy, he'll gather five companions as he levels. Each of these companions will be found on different worlds and will be equipped. However, you should make sure that each companion has the best up-to-date gear so they'll be better able to help you realize your dream of crushing the Republic. You don't want your companion to have some ancient blaster pistol or armor that not even a jawa would bother to scavenge while trying to face down some uppity Jedi. Companions do not normally come equipped with ear pieces, helmets, or implants, so grab them as soon as possible.

Sith Warriors can only have one active companion with them, just like every other class in The Old Republic. The remainder of your companions will stay onboard your ship, loafing around and enjoying the unbridled joy of not getting punished. Companions do not accompany players into warzones and will "desummon" if a group has more than three players as that companions count towards the cap limit of a party.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to hit ESC to leave a conversation if you’re making choices that anger your companion. If you’re willing to redo the conversation a few times, you can maximize your companion’s affection potential from that conversation.


Vette's personality is surprisingly upbeat. Born a slave, she later joined a legendary pirate and wandered the galaxy. Later, she used her abilities to rob those that she considered had plundered Ryloth's people and culture. She wound up robbing tombs on Korriban where she was caught by the Sith, which is where your Sith Warrior finds her. Vette joins you as a slave, equipped with a shock collar. It's up to the player on whether or not to remove it. I can't deny that I give in to temptation and shock her just for the fun of it.Vette is the first companion that a Sith Warrior will acquire and she is found on Korriban. In combat, she serves as ranged DPS. While she is more useful to Sith Juggernauts as opposed to Sith Marauders, she is still an excellent combat companion overall. She puts out a lot of DPS with her twin blaster pistols or blaster rifle and does a good job of generating aggro. She's a good recipient for your cast-off armor if you're playing as a Sith Marauder. Just make sure you keep an eye on her health.

Vette enjoys silly jokes and loves to laugh at pompous people. She mostly approves of Light Side decisions that a Sith Warrior makes, so she's not the easiest person to gain affection with if you're going full-on Dark Side. For conversation choices, she prefers options that reflect money, getting paid, protecting the weak, and being insolent to authority figures. She loves it when you're insolent with your mentor, Darth Baras. Vette does not like choices that include killing innocents, bullying or intimidation, and sucking up to authority. She is a romance option for male Sith Warriors if you take her shock collar off.

Planet: Korriban
Armor: Medium
Main Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Main Attribute: Cunning
Crew Skills: Underworld (+5 Efficiency), Treasure Hunting (+5 Critical)
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Luxury (if courting), Cultural Artifact
  • Love: Courting (if courting), Underworld Good
  • Like: Republic Memorabilia, Empire Memorabilia, Weapon, Courting (if not courting), Luxury (if not courting), Technology
  • Indifferent: Military Gear, Trophy

Malavai Quinn

Malavai Quinn is a dedicated officer in the Imperial military. He is loyal to the Empire and seeks the same goals of defeating the Republic and bringing order. Malavai Quinn is both honorable and duty-bound. He is very loyal to Darth Baras, who helped him quite a lot earlier in his career. He is pretty rigid and by-the-book, but a loyal companion. While respectful of his superiors, he isn't a suck-up. For conversation choices, he favors choices that reflect honor, loyalty to the Sith Empire, and rewarding hard work. He does not like betrayal, unprofessional conduct, irrational acts, and selfishness. Malavai Quinn is a romance option for female Sith Warriors and he gets very shy and blushes when flirted with.Malavai Quinn is the second companion that will join the Sith Warrior. He'll join your crew after you've had plenty of interaction with him on Balmorra. In combat, he serves as a healer and ranged DPS. While Malavai Quinn does decent DPS, his main function to the player will be as healer using abilities such as Medical Pack, Med Scan, and Imperial Medical Probe. He is definitely more useful to a Sith Marauder as opposed to a Sith Juggernaut. I tend to put him in the Med Watch stance to enhance his healing abilities. He is also useful for short-term crowd control by using Carbonized Stream to freeze a foe for eight seconds.

Planet: Balmorra
Armor: Medium
Main Weapon: Blaster Pistol
Main Attribute: Cunning
Crew Skills: Armstech (+10 Efficiency), Diplomacy (+10 Efficiency)
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Empire Memorabilia, Weapon, Military Gear
  • Love:
  • Like: Courting, Technology, Trophy
  • Indifferent: Republic Memorabilia, Luxury, Cultural Artifact, Underworld Good

Jaesa Willsaam

Jaesa Willsaam was born into a family of servants and was later taken into the Jedi Order. She has the unique ability to discover a person's most secret intentions and discern their true nature. She was drawn away from the protection of the Jedi by Darth Baras, the Sith Warrior's mentor, and this is where she will join the Sith Warrior. There is a huge twist though in that the player decides if Jaesa Willsaam is going to be Light Side or Dark Side. The choice made will reflect her views on the player's choices and impact the affection gained or lost accordingly.Jaesa Willsaam is the third, and probably most unique, companion that a Sith Warrior will acquire. Players will receive this jedi padawan on Hutta after finishing Chapter 1 in the Sith Warrior's storyline. In combat, she is true melee DPS. She's a good option for Sith Juggernauts as you can keep aggro off of her while she's dishing out a lot of damage.

If the player chooses Light Side for her, then she'll join the Sith Warrior to work to transform the Sith Empire from within after realizing the darkness found within the Jedi Order. She will approve of choices that reflect honor, helping the weak, and learning secrets of the Force. She will disapprove of choices that include hurting innocents, being rude, and random cruelty.

If the player chooses Dark Side for Jaesa Willsaam, she will join the Sith Warrior after realizing the Jedi Order is weak and that the Dark Side has the true power. Her reactions are essentially the opposite of her Light Side version. Now she'll approve of murder, random cruelty, chaos, and learning secrets of the Force. She will dislike choices that reflect mercy, honor, or helping people. Jaesa Willsaam is a romantic option for Sith Warriors ONLY if she is turned to the Dark Side.

Planet: Hutta
Armor: Light
Main Weapon: Double-Bladed Lightsaber
Main Attribute: Willpower
Crew Skills: Archaeology (+5 Efficiency), Synthweaving (+5 Critical)

Companion Gifts (Light Side):

  • Favorite:
  • Love: Cultural Artifact, Republic Memorabilia
  • Like: Courting, Military Gear, Trophy, Weapon
  • Indifferent: Imperial Memorabilia, Luxury, Technology, Underworld Good

Companion Gifts (Dark Side):

  • Favorite: Weapon, Luxury
  • Love: Military Gear, Trophy
  • Like: Imperial Memorabilia
  • Indifferent: Technology, Underworld Good, Republic Memorabilia, Courting, Cultural Artifact

Lieutenant Pierce

Lieutenant Pierce joined the Empire's military to get a full dose of action. He loves causing mayhem and destruction, so the Empire has him working in black ops away from the rigid hierarchy of military command. He is brave and a good soldier, but reckless and openly disdains authority. He prefers conversation choices that include danger, personal gain, mocking authority, and hurting the Republic. He does not like choices that reflect peace, sucking up to authority, or rules. Pierce is a romance option for female Sith Warriors. Lieutenant Pierce is the fourth companion available for the Sith Warrior and is found on Taris. Pierce acts as a ranged tank in combat, which makes him more useful to a Sith Marauder. He is good at taking aggro off the player using abilities such as Distract and Guard Stance. You can put him in a higher damage stance using Sniper Sight, but that lowers his threat generation by a full 25%.

Planet: Taris
Armor: Heavy
Main Weapon: Blaster Rifle/Blaster Pistol
Main Attribute: Aim
Crew Skills: Cybertech (+10 Efficiency) , Investigation (+2 Critical)
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Weapon, Military Gear
  • Love:
  • Like: Republic Memorabilia, Empire Memorabilia, Technology, Trophy, Underworld Good
  • Indifferent: Courting, Luxury, Cultural Artifact


Broonmark is unique amongst his people, the Talz. After seeing his father killed by predators as a child, Broonmark developed a fascination with death. He felt only shame at his father's death and became obsessed with violence and the thrill of the kill. He eventually joined the Republic in order to hunt and kill more challenging prey, but he became even more bloodthirsty with each kill. Eventually, his clan expelled him while Broonmark seethed in anger as he believed that we was making them stronger.Broonmark is the fifth, and final, companion for the Sith Warrior and is found on Hoth. While not looking dangerous, he is a melee tank in combat and can do some serious damage. As a tank, he is more useful to Sith Marauders than to Sith Juggernauts. He does a tremendous job of keeping aggro off the player by using abilities such as Intimidate, Guardian Strike, Taunt, and Guard Stance.

Broonmark prefers conversation choices that include testing yourself, protecting those close to you, and using violence as a solution. I can't emphasize enough that he loves violence. Broonmark does not like choices that reflect trying to talk or reason things out, inaction, and betraying allies.

Planet: Hoth
Armor: Heavy
Main Weapon: Vibrosword
Main Attribute: Strength
Crew Skills: Bioanalysis (+2 Critical), Scavenging (+10 Efficiency)
Companion Gifts:

  • Favorite: Republic Memorabilia, Technology
  • Love: Trophy, Weapon
  • Like: Cultural Artifact, Imperial Memorabilia, Military Gear
  • Indifferent: Courting, Luxury, Underworld Good

Now that you have a complete guide to the Sith Warrior's companions in The Old Republic, your Sith Warrior will now have the knowledge to more easily cut a brutal, bloody path through the Republic. Each companion has different strengths and it's up to you to decide which one to accompany you. Since the Dark Side relies heavily upon passion to fuel the power of the Sith, take advantage of the romantic options available. Remember that you're a Sith Warrior, brimming with power stemming from your passions of love and hate, not some weak milksop of a Jedi! Get out there and start forging your destiny.

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