Premium and Argents in Skyforge are two methods to speed up progression of your character. They're not neccessary or required, but are a great way to speed up progress. We're going to go over the benefits of each of these as it relates to the progression of your character and the true value for your money. Premium is purchasable in game, for credits, through the Argent system. 3 days of Premium is only about 350k credits, right now (this is a rough estimation) and will remain probably less than half a million credits through the life of the game.

You can get premium, a handful of credits and Argents, etc. with a starter pack or collector's edition.


Premium is a way for you to progress faster, basically. You gain the following bonuses:

  • 50% more Currency (Credits, Sparks, Pantheon Resources, General Resources)
  • 25% more Myrrh (for Pantheon, when you donate credits)
  • Sparks of Evolution Drop (Class sparks that work for any class)
  • Free Teleports

All currency works for the 50% more currency, although some currency comes in smaller numbers or doesn't apply (I haven't received bonus replicators). If you receive just one of an item, you will not get a second free bonus, you need at least double (this is important for Myrrh where you'll want to end on a number divisible by four for maximum extra Myrrh). You'll basically increase your progression, with more credits, sparks, etc.

It's important to note these totals work against your weekly caps. You'll get there faster but that's all you'll get out of premium, so it's not so much pay to win as it is pay to reach your weekly caps a lot faster.

Premium costs Argents:

  • 3 days - 2000 Argents
  • 7 days - 4000 Argents
  • 30 days - 10000 Argents
  • 90 days - 25000 Argents
  • 180 days - 45000 Argents


Argents are the way for you to buy premium, in addition, the ability to buy credits as well on the marketplace. You can buy Argents for real world cash (2000 argents is $2.99, each pack from there gives a bonus amount) or through the Argent exchange for credits (variable, but the minimum is 160 credits per Argent and 1 Argent for 160 credits). Premium only accepts Argent, but many items on the marketplace have a credit OR Argent cost. For these items, you'll want to compare the price of Argent conversion vs. paying Argents outright. The Argent / credit exchange is variable, based on market conditions, so it could or could not be a bad idea to use argents directly or convert them into credits.


Credits, which can be used to buy Argents, are obtained through a variety of means, usually from quests or selling valuable items on the marketplace. You can find out more about them in our currency guide.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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