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"Slash" Commands are useful for many things in World of Warcraft, from conveying emotions to doing actions you would otherwise need to open many menus for, these shortcuts help the player out and help speed up the process, allowing players to do more in less time.

We will go over several basic commands, ranging from game modifications and help to emotes used to show others how your character feels.

Basic Commands

Command Effect
/?, /h, /help Lists some in-game help on commands
/a,/assist Assists the current target, targetting what they are targetting
/camp, /logout Logs you out after 20 seconds, returning you to character select
/cast, /spell (spell) Casts the spell or ability
/combatlog Toggles writing of the combat log
/dismount Dismounts you from your mount
/equip (item) Equips the item you specify
/f, /fol, /follow (player) Automatically follows the target you have
/ins, /inspect (player) Inspects your current target
/played Shows your total playtime
/rand, /random, /roll, /rnd (range) Rolls a random number between the range specified, ie; 1-100, if no range is given, it is done 1-100
/tar, /target (target) Targets what you have chosen to, if it's within range
/time Shows current ingame time
/tr, /trade Brings up the trade dialog between players
/use (item) Uses the specified item (including trinkets, etc)
/who (search) Looks up players via name,zone, or guild, ie; /who DarkFact, /who Stranglethorn Vale, /who Tentonhammer Guild

Chat Commands

Command Effect
/e, /em, /emote, /me (text) Emotes an action for your character to do, ie; /em waves hello!
/bg (text) Sends your text to the whole battleground
/c, /csay (channel)(text) Sends text to the specified channel
/g, /gc, /guild (text) Sends text to your guild
/o, /osay (text) Sends text to your officers (must have priviledge)
/p, /party (text) Sends text to your party
/r, /reply (text) Replies to the last player who whispered you
/ra, /raid, /rsay (text) Sends text to your raid
/s, /say (text) Sends text to anyone near you
/send, /t, /tell, /w, /whisper (player)(text) Sends a private message to the player you choose
/sh, /shout, /y, /yell (text) Yells a message, reaches larger areas than /say
/v (macro) Plays the sound that your voice macro (macro) has


Command Effect
/afk Flags you Away from Keyboard, this will let you exit a battleground.
/dnd Flags you as "DND" (Do not disturb), you will not receive whispers when in DND mode.

Friends List

Command Effect
/friend, /friends (player) Adds the player to your friends list
/ignore (player) Ignores all chat/whispers from that player
/remfriend, /removefriend (player) Removes the player from your friends list
/unignore (player) Removes the player from your ignore list.

Party and Raid Commands

Command Effect
/i, /inv, /invite (player) Invites the player to your current group
/kick, /u, /uninvite (player) Removes the player from your group
/pr, /promote (player) Makes that player leader
/raidinfo Displays your raid timers and instance timers by showing instance IDs
/rw Displays a raid warning text, only raid leaders may use it.
/ffa Makes it so everyone may loot all corpses (Free For All)
/master (player) Makes that player the Master Looter for the group.
/readycheck Sends a ready check to everyone, asking if they're ready and requiring them to click a Yes/No dialog; the leader receives this information. Timeout for it is 30 seconds.

Guild Commands

/gdisband, /guilddisband Disbands the guild. You must be the leader to do so
/ginfo, /guildinfo Gives basic information about the guild
/ginvite, /guildinvite (player) Invites the player into your guild. You must have invite priviledges.
/gleader, /guildleader (player) Makes the player the guild leader
/gquit, /guildquit Leaves your guild
/gmotd, /guildmotd (text) Changes the guild's message of the day to whatever text is.
/gpromote, /guildpromote (player) Promotes player one rank in your guild. Must be officer to use
/gdemote, /guilddemote (player) Demotes player one rank in your guild, must be officer to use
/gremove, /guildremove (player) Removes the player from your guild. Must have officer to use

Stay tuned for part 2 of this section where we cover PvP and Arena Team commands, as well as many of the emotes available to you!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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