Arena mode is a lot different than Conquest in Smite, so a lot of the tips you’ll find for one won’t work for the other. While both feature 5 v 5 battles, Arena takes place in a large open coliseum with no lanes, towers or titan to defeat.

A team wins in the Arena by depleting the enemy team’s tickets before theirs runs out. Tickets are lost when creeps and gods die, as well as when a creep manages to enter the other team’s portal at the other end of the coliseum. Each match starts with both teams at 500 tickets.

The middle of the map is pretty wide open, but the more towards the edge you go the more structures and towers there are to hide amongst. You can use these walls and statues to break an enemy’s line of sight if you’re running away, or as cover for sneak attacks.

Tips and Tricks

  • Gold income is increased in Arena mode so remember to buy regularly. Having even a single piece of an item before another player on the other team can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Keep farming. Not only for the extra gold income which is always important, but to keep the creeps away from your portal. Any creeps or siege engine that enters your portal will reduce the number of tickets your team has. Siege Engines especially are capable of taking large chunks of tickets if you let them get through.
  • Remember to grab the buff camps. In a tight quarters brawl like arena every advantage you can get your hands on is a big one. Just be careful when trying to complete the camps. The wide open space means it’s very likely you’ll have competition trying to take the buff from you or kill you while you try to take it yourself.
  • God kills are important. After 10 god kills your team will spawn a siege engine. These slow moving bringers of pain will travel along the minion path towards the enemy portal. If they manage to get through the portal they will reduce the enemy’s ticket count by 15 tickets. Try to protect your siege engine on its route, and immediately destroy any of your enemies that spawn.

  • Coordinate your base returns. It’s never a good idea to have no Gods on the field at one time in Smite. The arena is too small to leave the minion waves unchecked for any period of time, so coordinate with your teammates to ensure there is always at least two or so players active in the center area.
  • Keep killing minions. No really, don’t stop killing them. Each minion you kill will bring down the enemy ticket count by 1, God kills by 3. It’s much easier and faster to kill minions, making it the more efficient route to victory. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go for God kills though, just make sure you’re not missing too many minions in the process.
  • Choose your team wisely. A good arena team has a variety of Gods with varying roles. Healers bring sustain that is extremely valuable in the constant action that is the Arena. Minion clearing ability is another extremely important piece of the puzzle. Mage gods like Anubis can take out entire waves of creeps in one blow once they level up enough, making the tickets go down faster and keeping the creeps safely away from your base.
  • Communicate with your team. Every single tip given above is useless if you’re not letting your team know what you’re doing. Don’t let them know you’re going back to base? Everyone ends up going at the same time. Don’t communicate what God you’re going to play? Everyone picks a god with a similar kit. There are some great communication tools in Smite that we go over in our beginner guide, make use of them and watch your win counts go up!

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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