Conquest in Smite is the game’s traditional “Moba” mode, with 10 players facing off in a 5v5 battle where the objective is to fight your way through the enemy’s defenses and destroy their titan. In our conquest guide we’ll go over the basics of the game and provide some helpful tips for victory at the end.

The Conquest map is comprised of three lanes each of which has two turrets and a Phoenix protecting it. Hitting them with basic attacks is the only way to destroy the towers and the Phoenix. If you are the only one under an enemy tower/ Phoenix or you attack an enemy god within its range, it will start attacking you. Destroying the phoenix has the added bonus of buffing your minions in that lane, causing them to do more damage and have better armor.

In order to get to the Titan to win the game you’ll have to destroy at least one lane’s worth of structures. The enemy titan cannot be touched unless at least one Phoenix has been downed. The first team to destroy the enemy Titan wins.

In between the three lanes is the Jungle. The jungle is made up of paths that you can use to quickly move from lane to lane. There are also Buff Camps in the jungle. These buff camps have NPCS in them that when killed grant the God different bonuses to things like attack speed, attack damage, and movement speed. Buffs are clearly labeled so you can see what you’ll be getting.

Tips for Victory

  • Use the time before the game starts to prepare. You have 1:30 from when you land on the map until the minions start rolling so make good use of it. Plant any wards you want to plant, or look up strategies on your opponent’s gods.
  • Using the jungle and keeping an eye on it. It’s mainly the job of your juggler to roam your jungle watching for enemies and clearing camps, but no matter what your role you should always be vigilant. Enemies can make quick work of you if they catch you unawares, and the jungle is the perfect place to do that.
  • Last hit creeps for extra gold. Especially important if you are playing the carry where you need gear to perform. Practice last hitting creeps with your basics attacks before diving into a live Conquest match.
  • Working together is especially important in Conquest because of the large map. There’s lots of ground to cover and even more places a god could get caught and ambushed by their lonesome. Use the in game commands and voice chat if you have it to coordinate with your teammates on targets, where you are positioning yourself, and what role you plan on playing in the match. Calling out enemy movements will not only save your teammates lives, it may make you some regular teammates to play with as well.

  • Gold Fury is an early game buff that will give your entire team increased gold and XP generation. Try to coordinate with your team to pic it off early to set yourselves up later on in the game. The Buff spawns at the same time the initial minions do and will respawn 5 minutes after it is killed.
  • The Fire Giant is another buff you’ll want to keep your eye on, especially later on in the game. When killed it gives the entire team several buffs including increased health regen and bonus damage to buildings. The Fire Giant usually takes an entire team of at least lvl 12 to complete, so try to take out several members of the enemy team before you attempt it.
  • Balance your team. A good team is made up of several different class types. Melee Brawlers, Healers, Mages, and Tanks combined together work far better than a team comprised completely of one type.

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Last Updated: Mar 21, 2016

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