Soldiers in the Field!

by Charabis

Hello. My name is Charabis, and I'll be your guide on today's Search for Rare and Wonderous Creatures of the Gaming World. Today, we will be after the fierce Soldier. These tough creatures defend their homelands with unmatched ferocity and discipline. Today, we will examine all the research to date, and see what we can uncover.

Flipping to the Perpetual Entertainment homepage for Gods and Heroes, we found this short description of the Soldier:

The Soldier represents the pinnacle of Roman military might - loyal courageous and, above all, disciplined. Soldiers are masters of their bodies and their minds, as well as, a va variety of lethal weaponry. Quick to defend their country and their companions, Soliders are more than just trained combatants like the Gladiator; they are trained to outmaneuver, outfight, and outlast their foes. Soldiers tend to be very strong and can susustain heavy damage without being taken out of battle. Few warriors are capable of standing against a soldier of Rome in one-on-one combat. Soldiers are consummate commanders, and their most useful talent is their ability to control and inspire their troops. Soldiers swear allegiance to Mars, the god of war, or Minerva, the goddess of divine wisdom and war.

Certainly this was not the only description there was of the Soldier. Sure enough, a visit to Warcry revealed this description:

The Soldier will be most enjoyed by people who like to play at the front line, with the responsibility of protecting others. While he is not great at dealing damage, he has the important role of managing aggro for his group. The Soldier needs to be very aware of the ebb and flow of combat and when to use his many different defensive abilities.

We began to realize that this was beginning to sound like a tank, yet one that could be very unique from all the others we'd found in other MMOs. As if sensing what we were thinking, ActionTrip had this quote:

Soldiers are more what people think of when they think of a typical warrior: strong fighters who can hold their own in hand-to-hand combat, made to absorb a ton of damage from enemies, and able to give it back as well. We've added a lot more specific stuff that draws on both the historical military of Rome and the type of gameplay that we've created for Gods and Heroes, so the flavor of our Soldier class is quite new.

Wow! The Soldier certainly seemed to be a truly unique species, but what it could do specifically still remained a mystery. We journeyed deep into the jungles of When we returned, we had unearthed the Soldier's Feat Tree! Up to level 20 anyway, however you'll have to visit them here to see it.

As our time drew to a close, we looked over the data we had collected. Like the other species that will be the players' eyes and ears, we found there was little in the way of hard facts to find. However, the expeditions continue, and we will publish our findings as we...well...find them! Until next time, this is Charabis saying, "Good night."

Welcome to another exciting update on Search for Rare and Wonderous Creatures of the Gaming World! Today, we're revisiting those guys and gals that keep us squishie types from getting squashed, Soldiers!

The word from Game Radar is that the Soldier starts with a feat called Triarius Strike. It's a powerful attack that generates lots of threat. In other words, it gets the monster's attention so they'll go pound on the Soldier! Good thing they can handle the attention.

The second feat, which is a higher level one, is Signum of Heroism. This one is unusual in that it's a personal, accuracy buff that increases your threat generation! Looks like the Soldiers really know how to piss people off :P

One other thing worth noting did come out of the Game Radar article. With the Signum of Heroism description, mention was made of a feat called Resolvo. While it's still unclear what this does, it makes mention that using it with the Signum's energy will taunt the target.

Three Soldier feats revealed, and all three are designed to annoy your enemies. Sounds like things are really shaping up over at Perpetual, and we can hardly contain our excitement. We're returning to base once more to wait anxiously for the day when we'll finally be able to play this masterpiece! Until next time, this is Charabis, wishing you a wonderful day!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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