Soloing in The Sinking Sands

Guide By: Savanja

Soloing at any tier is a challenge, but it's made slightly easier when you know which quests you do not want to miss. Here we will outline some of the better quest lines that DoF has to offer, but never be afraid to explore and do those stumbled upon solo quests that you can find anywhere!

The Sinking Sands has quite a few solo quests series, mostly found around the dock and nearby area. These are a great intro to the zone, and some will lead you into the connecting zones. Good luck and happy soloing!


"Beetle Herding" (level 47) - Xilla Beetlebinder, found on the path that leads from the beach to the open desert, gives this series of eight quests. Once you have completed the quests, you are given the option to purchase level 42-45 plate armor from her for 1c for each piece. This is really nifty if you desperately need new gear and aren't the grouping type.

Basically, each quest is exactly the same, the only difference is in the amount of carapaces you need to gain for each Act. Herd a nearby skittish scarab towards the tarantulas to obtain a carapace. With the prod in your inventory, you just find a skittish scarab and get close enough for it to auto zap, then follow it over to the tarantulas.

This is a very easy and tedious quest, but it pays experience and coin, along with the final cheap armor.

Blades Faction (level 45) - One of the cool things about DoF is the ability to gain faction for one of the courts. Just off of the dock in Sinking Sands, you will find the representative for the Blades faction, Mahir Lu'ay. These quests are repeatable, and give coin and experience as well as faction for the Court of Blades.

  • Blades: Crocodile Bounty - You will need to kill caiman crocs, destroy croc nests, and slay bull crocs. You can find all of these things in the croc cave (loc -1111, -203, -177) just to the south of the path that goes out to the desert. The bulls sometimes have to be waited on, but they spawn in the waters near the nests.
  • Blades: Rujarkian Raiders - Recover stolen cargo from the burdened raiders and destroy the standards from the camps. The camps are found to the east and to the north of the path coming up from the beach.

Truth Faction (level 45) - Another one of the factions that you may gain favor with in DoF is the Truth Court. To do these quests, speak with Taj As'ad, found just off of the Sinking Sands dock.

  • Truth: Perceptor's Requests - Gather croc eggs from the croc caves, these are found in the nests. Gather poison sacs from dune spiderlings, these are found just up in the sands off of the beach. Kill an escaped Rujarkian Pit Fighter, these are found in the orc camps to either side of the path leading towards into the desert.
  • Truth: In Service to the Court - You will be asked to kill a mob from the area, but apparently it changes as to what mob will be required.

Coin Faction (level 45) - To gain favor with this faction, speak with Thara Bashirah, found just off of the Sinking Sands dock. Just like the previous factions, she will give you repeatable quests to gain favor with the Court of Coin.

  • Coin: Manifest Error - Locate a missing shipment. This shipment can be found down the coastline to the south, behind a big rock against the cliffs (loc -1663, -226, 272). When you nab the crate, a solo group of mobs will attack you. Return the crate to Naji Uday (in the hunters camp directly northwest of the dock).
  • Coin: Beachcomber - Slay Dervish beachcombers. These are easily found up and down the beach.

Ghassan the Trader (level 46) - Ghassan, also found right off of the docks, gives a series of soloable quests. They start out as fairly simple tasks, and grow in difficulty as you complete more. The best part of these quests is that Ghassan introduces you to other NPCs that will give you other tasks as well. Quite honestly, if you do these, and the connected quests, you could be questing forever!!

  • Hides for Ghassan - Gather croc hides from the caimans. These crocs are all up the coast and easy kills.
  • Spice Delivery - Deliver spices to Numair, found at the hunter's camp directly to the northwest of the docks.
  • Venomous Venture - Collect venom from a few different types of creatures. You'll need dune spiderlings (found just up in the desert), toxic cobras (north along the cliffs edge up in the desert), and asps (found in the grassy areas near the beach).
  • Questionable Merchandise - You'll need decrepit ghouls and glyphskull skeletons. Both can be found directly northeast of the path coming up into the desert from the beach.
  • A Delicate Matter - Gather shade prowler teeth. The shade prowlers are found in the grassy area just off of the beach near the dock.
  • Another Employer - You are finally done with Ghassan, so he sends you off to speak with Rashad who is found just off of the road towards the Clefts of Rujark. Rashad will have more quests for you that are a bit more difficult and some take groups, but the end result is the Ancient Bronze Amulet, which is a pretty nice neck piece for all classes.


If you have any solo quests that you would like to add to this guide, please e-mail them to me!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016