Sorcerer Alternate Advancements






Static Discharge - Fires a cone of
lightning in a frontal arc from the Invoker that can strike up to 4 enemies.
Ambidexterous Casting - A melee attack that can be executed while casting a spell. It
interrupts the target if it strikes.
Static Shield - Enemies who strike
you will receive magic damage.
Freehand Sorcery - The Sage's next
hostile spell will have its damage increased.
Confounding - A ranged kinetic attack
that damages the target using your melee weapon and reduces its hate towards
the Kineticist.
Deflecting Staff - Grants the Invoke a chance to parry incoming attacks. Shift Momentum - Increases the Spellshifter's
movement speed.
Battlemage Armor - Increases the Battlemage's physical damage resistance. Ward of Sages - Provides the Sage with a regenerating ward that absorbs all
non-physical damage.
Kinetic Evasion - Increases the Kineticist's defense skill.
Spell Expertise - Grants the Invoker an improved chance to critical hit with offensive spells. Spellshaping - Increases the Spellshifter's casting speed. Battlemage's Fervor - Improves the Battlemage's focus, disruption,
ordination, and subjugation skills.
Brainstorm - All of the Sage's spells
have their base damage numbers increased.
Kinetic Avoidance - All hate that the Kineticist accrues with enemies is reduced, allowing the Kineticist to get away with causing more damage without attracting the attention of enemies.
Catalyst - Allows the Invoker to
sacrifice health in order to guarantee that their next spell will critical
hit and do additional crit damage.
Spellshifting - All of the Spellshifter's abilities refresh faster than normal. Manashield - Allows the Battlemage to consume power to prevent the loss of health for a short duration. Sagacity - Reduces power cost of all
spells and abilities by 12%.
Concussive Blasts - A powerful
kinetic blast that targets an enemy and affects all surrounding enemies.
Their hate towards the Kineticist is reduced.

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General and Mage lines.

Sorcerer's Shielding Adds and additional component to Magi's Shielding
which reduces the damage done to the sorcerer.
Enhance: Flames of Velious Enhances the Flames of Velious line by granting
the spell additional base and critical damage.
Sorcery Mastery The sorcerer gains additional mastery to the Ice
Comet and Apocalypse line of spells.
Essence of Hatred Allows the sorcerer to transfer additional hate to
their target.
Critical Mastery The sorcerer's professional spells will all do
additional critical damage.
Intromission Mastery Improves the amount of power fed to the target by
the Mana Intromission and Mana Trickle line of spells.
Thunderclap A quick casting and uninterruptable spell that
strikes the target with a bolt of lightning.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Focused Catalyst Reduces the recast time of Catalyst and reduces
resistibility while Catalyst is active.
Mental Recovery Improves the recovery time of the sorcerer between
casting individual spells.
Runic Barrier Absorbs a portion of physical damage done to the
Mental Acuity Adds critical bonus to Freehand Sorcery.
Hateful Respite Reduces the recast time of threat and hate
position reduction spells. Also an threat reduction on a spell will be
Blast of Devastation The sorcerer focuses their energies into a frontal
blast of energy which can damage up to 8 targets.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016