Can Turbine Please Most of the People
Most of the Time?

It won't be long now until bards
and sorcerers in Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (DDO) are
able to swap spells. While the method by which spell-swapping will be
accomplished is not set in stone, Turbine has posted their ideas for
community feedback. To kick off Bard week at DDO @ Ten Ton Hammer, we
look back at the line of reasoning that brought us to the current
proposal for spell-swapping:

Wulf Ratbane [with
the debate
hinging on whether the pricing proposed in Samera's first post is
adequate]: Levels are a finite resource. Action Points are a finite
resource. Quests that cannot be abandoned and repeated are a finite

Gold is not a finite resource. It is an essentially limitless resource.

In order to predict what effect this spell swap system will have
game-wide, you have assume that some player somewhere will have more
than enough gold to swap out as often as he likes. (And that assumption
is not much of a stretch.)

Read href=""
target="_blank" class="postlink">Community Viewpoint: Bard
Spell-Swapping to get the details. Then hop over to our | href=""
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and sound off yourself!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016