The "Splitpaw Saga" Zone Guide

Splitpaw Maps
Splitpaw - Upper Tunnels
Splitpaw - Den

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  • Savanja, your fearless guide to Norrath
  • Tallika, the
    map God of Kithicor
  • Brokain, Splitpaw lore researcher

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  • (06.04.06)- Guide Posted!
  • (06.22.06) "The Arena" and "The Hideout" Guides added!

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  • Overview
  • Minimum Level
  • Connecting Zones
  • Quests
  • Solo Opportunities
  • Group Opportunities


**The Splitpaw Saga is an adventure pack that must be purchased or utilized through the Station Access subscription.**

In the beginning, before the Shattering, Splitpaw was home to whatever tribe of gnolls were in charge at that time,
the Torn Ear clan and the Splitpaw Clan come to mind but there were others. During the Shattering, after the gods had left
Norrath, Splitpaw collapsed. Adapting to the new environment, the Splitpaw gnolls made due with what they had and also began
a new practice that separated the strong from the weak… cannibalism.

After a time, the Splitpaw gnolls became less aggressive,
but not all of them agreed with this philosophy. Those that still held to the old ways moved deeper into the caverns. Eventually
a new leader came to power named Faroth Mal and he declared war on the more peaceful cousins. This caused the Splitpaw gnolls
to move upward for food and supplies. This brought the attention of adventurers in Norrath, and those that made their way through
the undead and invading Splitpaw gnolls in the Upper Tunnels to the Splitpaw Den were offered different tasks to gain the trust
of the Splitpaw gnolls. The Splitpaw gnolls had a purpose though, for after their trust was gained they would ask for the
adventurer’s help in defeating the Underpaw gnolls and Faroth Mal.

The Splitpaw Saga is an adventure pack that scales in level from 20-50. There are quests here ranging from solo
to heroic to Epic in nature. One of the best features of the Splitpaw Saga is that these quests will scale to your level so
you’re always the right level for these quests. It also makes things interesting should you decide to venture in with a group
whose average level is higher than yours. After gaining a completed shard, you can venture down into the main Splitpaw tunnels
and fight your way to the Splitpaw den. There you will complete different quests in an attempt to gain the trust of the Splitpaw
gnolls, who will reward you with a teleportation shard that will bring you straight to the den any time you choose. Once you gain
their trust, they will offer you an epic quest to stop the invading Underpaw gnolls.

Minimum Level

Splitpaw is a dungeon that scales to your level, or the average level of your group, and it is intended for characters,
levels 20-50.

Connecting Zones

Splitpaw is accessed through the Thundering Steppes, and includes several smaller
instanced zones:


Because the Splitpaw Saga is broken up into several zones, I'll break this down into quests by zone to make it a little easier to

Splitpaw: Delving into the Darkness

"A Darkened Shard" - To access Splitpaw, you need to claim the "a darkened shard" and examine it. This gives you a vision of the location that you will
be looking for, the gnollish terraporter, which is located in the Thundering Steppes (loc +540, - 0.84, -501). At the terraporter,
you will either be captured by the gnolls surrounding the area and taken to a "prison" zone, or you can click in, and begin your
journey through the tunnels to eventually gain access to the Splitpaw den.

Within this zone, you need to work your way down to the end, obtain a key and
use the key to open a chest, giving you a "slightly glowing shard" to
examine.  The key comes from a chest dropped by the Tesch Val
Fanatic.  Once you have the key, you need to grab the movable boxes in the
area and stack them to get up on the ledge to reach the chest that hold the

Once this portion of the quest has been completed, you can leave this zone
and head out to the Upper Tunnels entrance in the Thundering Steppes (loc +175,
+4, +1051), and make your way into the Den.

Inside the den, you must complete 4 of the den quests to prove yourself to
the gnolls, after that is done, you will be granted "a glowing azure
shard" that will allow you to teleport directly into the den from any

Then finally, you come to the final stretch of the quest; Stopping the
Underpaw army.  This is an epic x2 quest and you need to slay Faroth Mal to
complete this part of the quest and open up access to the raid instance within

Splitpaw: The Upper Tunnels

"A Light in the Dark" - This quest comes from
examining a mushroom (loc +70, +5, -86).  You are first asked to gather up
mushrooms.  They spawn in the same room that gives you the quest. 
There are 4 of them, small and on the ground, simply find them and examine them.

You are then asked to find a container.  You'll be needing to find the
breakable walls along the way, and using the barrels to blow them open to gain
access to most of these areas.  The container comes from a examinable chest
(loc -1, -3, -183) located further into the upper tunnels.  Once you have
the container, you are asked to dry out the mushrooms at a fire (loc -97, -9,
162).  Finally, you'll need to find the hammer to make a fine mushroom
powder.  The hammer is located behind a breakable wall near the
mushrooms.  You want to grab the plank that is on the ledge in the same
room as the mushrooms, and bring it back out and place it over the gap directly
in front of the opening from the tunnel that leads back to the Thundering
Steppes.  You'll see the points in the ledge that allow you to get just a
little bit closer to the other side.  The hammer is located beyond this
area, (loc -30, -12, -139).  This direction also takes you through the
heroic portion of the upper tunnels.  Reward: Experience, and "a
luminous bottle".

"The Eaters and the Eaten" - This quest is obtained
by examining a chair (loc -1, -3, -183).  You are asked to slay 15 undead
gnolls.  It seems that only the skeleton gnolls work for updates, not the
ghost gnolls.  Reward: Experience and coin.

"The Final Journey" - this quest is obtained by
examining a pile of bones (loc -44, -46, -71)  found in the lower level of
the upper tunnels, near the big dragon skeleton skull.  You are to lay the
bones to rest in a burial chest (loc 22, -69, 177) located in the Splitpaw
Den.  Reward: Experience and coin.

Splitpaw: The Den

"The Ark of Harclave" - Sarchel the Storyteller (-95,
-73, -173) tells a very long story, but if you hang in there, and continue to
stand around near him, he does offer you a quest at the end of it all. 
Getting this quest allows you to enter the instance "Trial of Harclave".

Once inside, click on the torch right next to where you come in, then you
must find the braziers scattered through out the zone, the last 2 being up on a
ledge.  You have to stack several boxes to get up there.  Light the
last 2 braziers, then examine the Ark of Harclave, and then you are off to fight
the Spore King (loc -12, -66, -179)!  Return to the room in which you
entered.  You will need to move the planks to get across the way to the
mushroom mobs.  The mobs are heroic, but you have been buffed with the
Spirit of Harclave that will help you in killing these.  After you slay the
Spore King, you will be asked to retake the Harclave throne.  To do this
you must kill Rosch Val Gornas, found further in past the spores where the
undead are.  You need to move several boxes to the ledge in which him and
the throne reside to be able to reach him.  Once he's dead, click on the
throne to sit in it, and get your quest update!  Reward: Experience

"Flitch's Prank" - Flich Earmite (loc -76, -68, -193)
wants your help!  He asks that you head into the Hideout (loc -84, -73,
-159) and destroy the gnoll supplies in the gnoll hangout.  This is a
fairly straight forward quest.  Kill the gnolls to get them out of the way,
find the supply crates scattered through out the zone, and destroy them. 
Some of the crates are hidden behind breakable walls, so keep an eye out for
those telltale crackly wall graphic.  Once you've destroyed all the crates,
you are done!  Reward: Experience

"Fur Fletching for Fral" - This quest is started by
speaking with Fral Fipfoot (loc -50, -65, -233).  He asks you to gather 4
intact furs from the Underpaw gnolls in the Outer Grotto.  The furs don't
drop with every kill, so be persistent and keep at it, and you'll get them
all.  Return to Fral Fipfoot for the quest update, and he will reward you
with experience and a 1 charge gnoll illusion, then send you off again with more
tasks.  He asks that you first kill 10 Underpaw gnolls, the same ones you
killed to get the furs from.  Once you have slayed them, your quest asks
you to look for more Underpaw information.  This information is found in
another zone within the Outer Grotto, called the "Flammable Fur" (loc
-17, +31, +12).  Once inside you need to find the scrolls that are on the
ground in the zone.  Once you've gotten all the scrolls, you are asked to
slay the leader of the Underpaw gnolls, Garanim Brewgullet (loc -47, +4,
-146).  Reward:  Experience and gnoll illusion.

"Crawlers Extermination" - Gomp Soilscratch (loc -22,
-77, -269) sends you on a mission to investigate the rock crawlers in the
Crawler's Nest.  This is basically a ring event.  You make your way to
the room with all the eggs, and just start killing spiders.  Tons of them
will pop, and you have to kill a rather large amount before the queen
spawns.  Once she spawns, kill her!  Reward:  Experience.

"Investigate the Water Source" - Many thanks to Leach Shadows of Crushbone for unraveling the mystery of this quest for me!! Leach says "To finish this quest you go into the outter grotto and there is a
zone in there called hot water. You go there and find the boss whom is
undead and glows blue. Kill him and then you complete the quest. This quest is also repeatable."

Solo Opportunities

I personally spent a lot of time just running through the "Delving into
the Darkness" and "Upper Tunnels" parts of Splitpaw for solo
experience.  Since the mobs are automatically scaled to the perfect level,
these zones make for great grinding.  Once inside the den, some of the
quests and instances, such as Flitch's Prank (which is also repeatable) are geared specifically for solo play, making this a great
adventuring area for soloers!

Group Opportunities

Just as with the soloing, there are plenty of chances for grouping in this
adventure pack.  In the upper tunnels, it branches off to one side with a
large portion of it being heroic mobs.  And then inside the den, heroic
instances, such as the Outer Grotto, and epic quests make for great grouping fun.


Thank you for reading the zone guide for the Splitpaw Saga.  If there is
anything you would like to add, or corrections that need to be made, please drop
me a note
and let me know!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016