Sporeggar Reputation Guide

The Sporeggar are a Faction you meet while questing in Zangarmarsh - while at first you will be unfriendly with them, you will find that this faction's grind to Friendly is quick and painless. Should you choose to go further and seek out the Honored rewards or better, you will be doing a lot more grinding than the usual faction requirement.

Unfriendly to Friendly

You will need to kill Bog Lords in Zangarmarsh to bump up your reputation with the Sporeggar, each kill will be 15 reputation each, so your rise to Friendly should not take that long. This, along with the fact you can pick up their Tendrils for turn-ins (6 Tendrils for 750 reputation), will get you to Friendly shortly.

Friendly to Exalted

Once you have reached Honored, you will not be able to turn-in any more Bog Lord Tendrils nor kill Bog Lords for reputation, you will be able to do 2 things to reach higher standing with the Sporeggar. Either accept their repeatable Naga killquest for 750 per turn-in, or turn-in 5 Sanguine Hibiscus from the Coilfang Reservoir dungeons for 750 reputation as well.

Reputation Quests

The Sporeggar can be considered a 'side' reputation grind when compared to the main ones like Cenarion Expedition, Sha'tar, and so on, so your reputation influx will be coming from repeatable quests and grinding monsters for the most part. Below, we will go over the quests you can repeat so you can achieve higher standing with the Sporeggar people from Zangarmarsh.

All quests completed net you 750 reputation.

[63] The Sporelings' Plight

Bring back 10 Mature Spore Sacs to Fahssn in Zangarmarsh.

You will find the Mature Spore Sacs west of where you meet Fahssn in the Spawning Area full of Bog Giants in Zangarmarsh - these will be on the ground and you will need to pick them up uninterrupted. Good until Friendly.

[64] Natural Enemies

Bring back 6 Bog Lord Tendrils to Fahssn in Zangarmarsh.

As mentioned before, you can head out and kill Bog Lords west in the Spore Sac area, south near the mountains, or northeast near the Horde outpost. Each kill will get you 15 reputation in addition to the possibility of a Bog Lord Tendril - Good until Friendly.

[64] Glowcap Mushrooms

Bring back 10 Glowcap Mushrooms to Msshi'fn

You will find Glowcap Mushrooms in the ground all over western Zangarmarsh. A bit time consuming, but good if you're doing some herbalism on the side as well. Good until Friendly.

[64] Now That We're Friends...

Kill 12 Bloodscale Enchantresses and Slavedrivers, then return to Gzhun'tt

These particular naga hang out near the main lake where the Coilfang Reservoir is, killing 12 of each will be the best way to reach Exalted since they're the most reliable monsters to kill for your grind. Good until Exalted.

[64] Fertile Spores

Gather 10 Fertile Spores from Spore Bats and Marsh Walkers, then return to Gshaff

Spore Bats and Marsh Walkers are all over Zangarmarsh and unpredictable when it comes to drops - it is recommended you kill them in passing to the Naga if you're going for Exalted, and collect the spores if you're lucky enough. Good until Exalted.

[65] Bring Me A Shrubbery!

Gather 5 Sanguine Hibiscus then return to Gzhun'tt

Runs into the Coilfang Reservoir, namely the Underbog, will let you see a lot of these drop or grow in the dungeon. 5 will be an easy 750 reputation. Good until Exalted.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016


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