The Queen of Blades is cornered. Legions of Zerg surround her though, and breaking them will be no easy task. As you barrel through the masses, you'll be given an option to take out one of Kerrigan's support groups for the final mission. But none of this will be as simple as the previous missions. You have to make the most of your units to attempt what Raynor has in mind, and if you have trouble, this is where you need to look!

You’ll get a message that some Drop Pods are landing intact, and the troops are stranded. The Zerg will position a force large enough to kill them in between you and them, and it’s up to you to get to them before that attack force decides to wipe them out. Marines will land to the northeast, just grab your starting forces and crush the Zerglings in your path. Now is a good time to get your defenses in order, because the Zerg will come at you semi-hard when a Drop Pod isn’t down. Two bunkers, one tank and a Siege Breaker at each entrance should hold fairly well.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016