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    Collect 8000 minerals. Sounds simple, right? Not if the Zerg and
    surging lava have anything to say about it!

    110,000 Credits


    1. The
      Devil's Playground [15]
      Complete all mission objectives.
    2. Red
      Lobster [10]
      - Kill the
      Brutalisk with lava on Normal difficulty.
    3. Reaper
      Man [10]
      - Locate all of Tosh's
      Crew on Hard difficulty.
    4. Meta:
      Covert Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Covert mission achievements.


lava. No one likes
lava. Every four minutes,
the lava surges for about 10 seconds and incinerates anything on low
ground. All of the minerals are on low
ground. As such, this mission sucks from a
micromanagement perspective.

Start off by getting your
economy going to the low ground minerals, and
gas. Get a bunker at the south ramp, and one at the northeast
ramp. You don’t need a lot of defense for this
mission as attacks are very light, and if they are hitting you, it will
be hitting your expansion more than likely.

Soon after the mission gets
rolling, you’ll get access to
Reapers, jump-jet infantry that are the star of the mission:

  • Reapers
    - 50 HP units that can
    jump between levels of terrain effortlessly.
    Attacks twice with dual pistols that do high damage to Light units and
    little to everything else. Reapers lob explosive charges at
    structures for high damage as well. Fragile for the cost, but
    the mobility is highly worth it in some situations as you will learn in
    this mission.

All over the place in this
mission are three things: Zerglings, Hydralisks, and Buildings. In
almost all high ground has resource crates to be grabbed. The
answer to beating this mission is very simple; make a ton of

href=""> alt="StarCraft II The Devil's Playground"

the ability to load SCVs to save your mining operations. Use multiple
command centers and groups of 5 SCVs to mine the map out safely.

To the north are some abandoned
miners and a spare command center you
can use to mine from the dangerous spots. Grab them
with your Reapers and make a Medic or two to heal them up
between attack runs. Call in some Mercenaries to man your
bunkers and control your base, and pick up your infantry upgrades to
benefit your Reaper squad.

Right about now, your minerals
near your starting point are running
out. It’s time to migrate to a new area, likely the
northeast. Use your extra command center to land there and
begin mining operations anew.

Send your Reaper pack around
randomly to high ground and other
locations to start annihilating the Zerg. The mission may end
when you have 8000 minerals, but until the Zerg are dead,
they’ll continue to harass your mining
expeditions. There are a few Mutalisks running
around as well, so keep a pack of Marines or War Pigs near
your Reapers to take them out.

Migrate from area to area,
lifting your command center as needed to
avoid a fiery death. Send your SCVS to the high
ground with at least 5 seconds left to ensure a comfortable
escape. This is a very simple mission once you get around the lava
gimmick, or get the Brutalisk into the lava for the Normal difficulty

In the bottom left of the map
is a 1000 HP
monster. This is the Brutalisk, so lure him into the lava for a bath
you’ll pick up 10 quick achievement points. The
achievement is just as simple, and that’s to rescue all
of Tosh’s men. They’re located throughout
the map in places that are easy to access with Reapers, and
you’ll likely explore there anyway for resource crates as you
pillage the map. See, nothing to it!

to the Jungle

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    1. Capture 7 Terrazine and
      bring them back
      to your Command Center
    2. Don’t let the
      Protoss seal 7
    3. Capture 3 Protoss Relics

    120,000 Credits


    1. Welcome
      to the Jungle [15]
      - Complete
      all mission objectives.
    2. Appetite
      for Destruction [10]
      - Prevent
      the Protoss from killing an SCV on Normal difficulty.
    3. It's
      So Easy [10]
      - Prevent the
      Protoss from capping a Tal'darim Altar on Hard difficulty.
    4. Meta:
      Covert Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Covert mission achievements.


Time for some fresh air for
boys. This mission
is basically King of the
Hill. The moment you try and capture a spot, the enemy sends people
to stop you. The moment they try and capture a spot, you need
to send people to stop it if possible.

You begin Welcome to the Jungle
with the usual opening, starting
with SCVs and production
facilities. Your main threat is going to come from the skies
in this mission. Fortunately, you have just the thing to swat
them down:

  • Goliaths
    - Sporting the same
    powerful anti-air capability as in the original StarCraft,
    also can open up on ground
    units better than in the previous game. It dominates armored air
    units, but Diamondbacks are a better option against most ground
    targets though.

You have about 4 minutes before
the Protoss get pissed and decide to
come after you and start sealing areas off. Get your economy
and get a Bunker on each ramp to your base. I only
used War Pigs for this mission for garrisoning, and used a strict
vehicle offense just like the previous mission. Ideally, you
want about a 3:1 ratio of Goliaths to Diamondbacks.
Diamondbacks will slaughter the Stalkers and Colossi you will run into
throughout the mission, and punch holes in defenses far faster than

The Protoss will first seal one
of the Terrazine near you at about 8
o’clock. This is a real easy one for you to get, so
you should stop it at all costs. Take your starting units and
you can break even with their guards with a little micromanagement, but
if you’ve built another Goliath or two you’ll roll
over them. Scouts are just the same as they were in the first
game. They’re horrible at killing ground targets,
so save them for last.

One of the best ways to go
about this mission is to capture every
you deny a sealing. Your units are already there to guard the
SCV mining the Terrazine, just don’t get
cocky. You CAN grab more than one at once, but
you’ll also summon multiple teams of Protoss to assault you
by doing this. You can get wiped out very quickly if
you’re not careful, but Tosh will actually comment on your
bravery if you go for it.

Expansion won’t
really be necessary. Keep your forces
tight and a few SCVs on hand to keep your units repaired and grab
Terrazine as you liberate the area.

href=""> alt="StarCraft II Welcome to the Jungle"

We don't need no stinkin' Goliaths! They are strong, but if a Void Ray
charges up it will tear through your Goliaths in short order.

An alternative way to do this mission is a mass of Marines and
Medics.  None of the units the Protoss use in this mission are
particularly good against Marines, except for the rare Colossus.
Void Rays and Stalkers in particular are quite bad against
Marines, so if you want to skip Goliaths and go for an
infantry offensive, that works too. Note that this is much
less mobile than Goliaths, so you may need to keep Hellions on hand to
prevent sealings that occur far from your army's position.

Relic #1 is close to your base,
just northwest of it. There are very
few guards, but don’t antagonize the base right above it
until you’re ready.

Relic #2 is to the far
northwest, inbetween two Terrazine
spots. It has two Zealot guards, which you can laugh at as
they die before they reach your mechanized monsters.

Relic #3 is to the far
northeast, out of the way.
It’s on a bit of an island surrounded by units and Photon
Cannons. Save it for when you stop a sealing nearby, as
it’s quite a commute otherwise.

The achievements for this
mission are rather bothersome. One
requires you not to lose an SCV the whole mission, which is difficult
when you’re using SCVs mid-combat as a repair team and for
the extraction of Terrazine. If you’re going for
this, try a pure infantry strategy instead. Marines can get the job
done if you have Shields and Stimpack very
easily though.

The other achievement is to
prevent a sealing the entire mission. If
you’re not ready to engage the heavy air they start sending
to seal near the end, try sending a crack team of Hellions on a suicide
mission to destroy the Probe sealing it.

Devil's Playground
| Next

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At this point you have two
choices depending on
how you wish to proceed. You can
either side with a crazy Jamaican or side with a Ghost
whose game was cancelled. I’m not sure
either of these is a really good decision, Raynor…

with Tosh -


    1. Reach the Prison Cell
    2. Tosh must survive
    3. Release the Prisoners (2
      groups, 25,000
      credits each)

    125,000 Credits, Specter Training


    1. Cool
      Hand Tosh [10]
      - Complete the
      mission without Tosh going below 100 life on Normal difficulty. Hit
      your shield every time you sink below 200 HP
      to be safe and you should handle this one no problem.
    2. Jailhouse
      Rock [10]
      - Complete the mission
      on Hard difficulty in less than 25 minutes. Make
      sure you’re
      surging forward
      with Raynor’s forces when they have a offensive at the
      Bunkers.  You can’t
      afford to have them get pushed
      back to their base.
    3. Breakout
      - Complete all mission
    4. Meta:
      Covert Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Covert mission achievements.


Here we go, another Zeratul
style mission. Tosh has three
abilities you’ll get throughout the mission :

  1. Mind
    - Does 35 damage in
    an area and stuns for a second. Costs 50 energy and can be
    rapidly cast until you’re out of energy. This ability works

  2. Psi
    - Absorbs up to 300
    damage for 15 seconds. 20 second cooldown, 30 energy cost.

  3. Consumption
    - Devour half of a
    friendly target’s HP, and gain twice that in
    energy. At this point you should be asking yourself, why does he have a
    Zerg ability?

Run ahead and kill as fast as
possible. You’ll run
into a turret and a handful of Marines inside the front
doors. Dispatch them with one Mind Blast and a few
shots. The next area has a Tank as well, so be ready for it. Pop your
Psi Shield, Mind Blast once, and take them all out. Raynor
will begin sending in forces at this point. If you
ever get wounded, retreat to an attacking Medic for healing.
Climb to the high ground and take out all of the units below you in
shooting range.

Circle back down, and when a
push from Raynor arrives, support it and
gun down the right Bunker. Repeat and take out the
Turret there as well. Now you can sneak forward and take out
the Factory that is cranking out Hellions while standing outside Turret
range. Once that’s down, hit
your Shield and take out the turret in the middle to end this part and
have Raynor call in a forward base.

You’ll get access to
Consumption after a jerk Ghost
EMP’s you when you walk forward from here. Consume
Marauders to get the most energy out of it. There’s
a passage to the south to circle around behind these
defenses. Snipe the three Tanks and move in on the Turret
when you get a chance. Circle back to the front lines, and
when a push arrives, chain-cast 5 Mind Blasts in a row on the middle of
the structures so it hits them all. That should be enough to
take out the defenses in one go.

Now head northwest to see
some units on patrol at the first Prison Block. When they
patrol outside the Turret’s detection range, take out as many
as you can. When they break formation and run away, pop your
shield and run in and go for the Turret or the Tank, either one will do
and the rest will follow after that. The convicts will grab a
Diamondback every so often and charge with Raynor’s forces,
which is fantastic.

Head to the southwest and
you’ll see a ramp heading over the
base to the west side. Watch out for the patrolling Raven,
and when it’s out of range, take out the tank and turret
below. Let the Raven come back into range now that the tank
is gone, and blast it apart. Backtrack to meet up with a push
of troops, and Mind Blast the hell out of the front lines again to
breach the defenses. Repeat as needed to get to the Factory
in back, and take that out ASAP to stop the flow of tanks.
Once you take out the last turret to the west, the base is taken and
Raynor sets up shop there.

href=""> alt="StarCraft II Breakout"

Spectres are so strong, why did I have to open the door for them?

Slide on west and
you’ll reach the second prison block, which
has a mix of units in clusters. Mind Blast them down, Consume
a Marauder or two, and repeat until they fall or you break enough down
to hit your shield and charge. Once the guards are down, the
Convicts will grab Siege Tanks and join the assault.

You’ll get access to
four tactical nukes once you reach the
main facility. You can breach the outer defenses without
bothering though. Wait until a push hits, hit your shield,
and position your Mind Blasts accordingly.

Once you get about a
screen’s distance from the Thors
guarding the Ramp, I’d drop nuke #1.
That’ll clear a solid path forward. The next ramp
has a set of multiple bunkers near each other, with turrets
throughout. Use Nuke #2 on that cluster.
forward, and look to the sides to see the production facilities that
are causing you and Raynor all of this grief. Nuke them both,
and gun them into the red HP to watch them burn and save
time. The remaining defense are a bunker, Siege Tank, and
turret on each side of the prison’s doors. Hit
shield, and mind blast the hell out of them to end the mission and earn
your Spectres.

to the Jungle |
Next Mission:
of a Chance

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    1. Destroy the three
      facilities that
      enable Tosh’s Spectre production.
    2. Nova must survive.
    3. Kill the Spectres (10,
      5,000 credits

    125,000 Credits, Ghost Training


    1. Dominate
      Tricks [10]
      - Complete the
      mission using Dominated units to kill at least 15 enemy troops on
      Normal difficulty. Simple, you’ll get this without
      trying (10)
    2. Total
      Protonic Reversal [10]
      - Kill
      every enemy unit in the mission on Hard difficulty. Just be thorough
      and do a quick run through before
      you destroy the facility in each section. This means do NOT
      nuke the final set of enemies. Instead, dominate and separate them.
    3. Ghost
      of a Chance
      - Complete all mission
    4. Meta:
      Covert Mastery [20]
      - Complete
      all the Covert mission achievements.


This one is a little more
involved than Tosh’s mission, and
has you controlling both a hero and a strike team. I
don’t advise going this route on Hard or Brutal unless
you’re confident in your ability to micromanage your
units. Nova doesn’t have the benefit of random
Medics on offense healing her like Tosh does. But
let’s take a look at what this girl can do:

  1. Snipe
    - Does 135 damage to an organic
    target, with a long range. 10 second cooldown.

  2. Dominate
    - Takes control of a
    unit for 75 energy. Can only control one unit at a time, but
    you can let any unit go when you want. Or you can just have
    Nova shoot and kill it while it’s still an ally, which is
    probably better.

  3. Permanently
    - If you
    can avoid detection, she’s never getting hit.

The first section of this
mission is pretty straight forward. Run along the
side with Nova and kill everything in your path until you get to some
raised ground with a Turret and infantry guards, and then bring up your
Marines and Medics on the other path. There isn’t a
whole lot of strategy with that team, but you should try to prevent
casualties with a little micromanagement when you see a Marine getting
focused. Make your way up the ramp and have Nova go up at the
same time. Crush them, then have Nova head down and around to
hit the gate controls.

Move forward with your combined
force until you hit an area with Siege
Tanks and Nova will get her Dominate ability. Dominate the
Tank and it will take care of the forces in the area, and then have a
Marine lure the next set of troops to the tank as
well. Kill the tank off at this point, you
won’t need it. Run ahead with Nova and
you’ll see the first Spectre. Snipe it immediately,
then take control of the nearby Raven if you’re on Hard
difficulty. Fly to the top right, and near your starting area
and drop Auto Turrets to dispose of the Missile Turrets there for your

Move up and drop the next
Spectre with another snipe, then release
Raven if you were using it still. Grab one of the
Battlecruisers and
have it Yamato Cannon one of the turrets and focus
fire the other one. Dominate the remaining battlecruiser once
yours dies, and clean up the map and finish the objective.

href=""> alt="StarCraft II A Ghost of a Chance"

prefers to let the men
do the dirty work for her. Dominated units are expendable, so lead with
them at all times if you're unsure what lies around the corner.

Time for part 2.
You’ve got Nova alone for a little
while, and a patrol is heading your way. Dominate the Raven
and take them out. Head west, take out the Marine guards and
drop a few Auto Turrets to help Nova take out the Vikings.
Once the Vikings are down, you get your reinforcements: 2
tanks, some Reapers, and a Raven.

Siege the Tanks at the door and
use your dominated Raven to spot the
enemy tank down at the Gate control. Once it’s
down, bring in your Reapers and take out the Marines and the gate
controls. Move up a little ways and siege again outside the
Bunker’s range to demolish it. Kill off your
dominated Raven if you still have it and move ahead with Nova to find a
Siege Tank on a ledge. Dominate it and move your forces up to
handle all of the ground units below the tank. Advance a
little ways to trigger a nuke from Tosh, just retreat back and let it

Use your Raven to spot the high
ground Bunkers and Turrets around
entryway, snipe the Spectre that tried to nuke you, then have your
Raven drop an Auto Turret next to the Siege Tank to the southeast to
handle it. Move into the doorway and siege up. Pull
the Firebats and Medics to the north into your tank fire, and then have
Nova hack into the nuke by using the beacon there.
You’re not going to use that nuke though, you’re
too good for that.

Grab your Reaper pack and start
hopping northwest on an attack
move. Keep going, and then southwest to find a Spectre and
Auto Turret that you can take out with your Reaper pack.
Don’t worry about casualties here, they’ve served
their purpose. Siege up below the next ramp, move forward a
bit with Nova and you’ll discover a large pack of forces
including a Thor. Dispose of your tank, take over the Thor,
and rock their world.

It’s part 3, and
you’ve got an extra nuke laying
around since you didn’t blow it last
time. Start by heading northeast and taking out the
Marines surrounding that tank, then dominating the tank. Move
to the right a little and siege up to take out most of the defenses
around the second nuke silo. Save that tank, and head
south. You’ll see a tank on a ledge. Kill
it, don’t bother dominating it. Bring up your tank
and one Viking and use Siege Mode to take out the remaining defense
near the Nuke Silo to the north. Hack into it, and siege up
there. Do NOT kill that Raven, we’ll be using
it. Use Nova to lure the Goliath and Spectre out, then snipe
the Spectre and take the Goliath down. Finish off the
remaining defenses on that middle bridge, then backtrack to the area
below and to the left. Kill your tank, and grab the
Raven that you’ve spared this whole time.

Cloak your banshees and strike
from the left side. There’s a
large cluster of troops out of position with no stealth detection that
you can exploit. Bring up your tank and siege it with a
Viking spotter to take out that turret and any remaining defense, then
head further south. Do NOT shoot that Ultralisk if you spot
it. Instead, shoot the barricades to the facility and the
Ultralisk will charge the Terran position to the east. Only
use Nova for this, as the Ultralisk will go after you if it gets the
chance. If you want to really get fancy, you can use your
Raven to Hunter Seeker Missile the rear of the marine formation to keep
the Ultralisk alive further. You can then poke it along with
shots from Nova into the next group of Tosh’s troops to let
it rampage further until it dies.

Take your Raven to the
northeast of the Nuke Silo and you’ll
find a lone Missile Turret on a ledge. Drop an Auto Turret
and sacrifice your Raven. Now dominate the Thor that your
Ultralisk cleared a path to, and move forward with it to clear out the
low ground without much effort. Take nova and move to the
northwest to trigger another defensive nuke from the
Spectre—retreat back south. When the nuke goes off,
use a Viking to spot the high ground defenders and move in with Nova
and the Thor. Once they’re destroyed, you can take
care of this last obstacle.

There’s a large force
of mercenaries, two specters, a Raven
and Turret to the west, and a large half circle of turrets to the east
of the final objective. In order to get the achievement, they
all have to die and you can’t guarantee that in one
nuke. Time to get dirty!

First, have a Viking spot for
you to take out that turret on the
side with your Thor if it’s still alive, otherwise use
Nova. Now dominate the Raven and you’re removed
enough detection to get Nova onto that platform, but don’t do
that yet. Suicide your
new Raven in to get a Hunter Seeker
missile launched into the middle of all of those forces, and
you’ll make your job a hell of a lot easier. Have
Nova snipe what she can outside of detection range and make sure you
get both Spectres. Now land your Vikings, and do an all out
assault with your Banshees, Vikings, and Nova. Crush the
defenders, then circle around and demolish the turrets. Do
one final pass over the map to ensure you killed everything, and enjoy
your achievements!


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016