Most missions let you take your sweet time building a base, throwing up defenses, and watching the hordes run into you until you build an unstoppable force. None of this applies to the Covert set of missions though. These missions have you controlling heroes, dodging lava surges, and vying for supremacy in a king of the hill battle! StarCraft II has plenty of variety, and we've got plenty of guides to cover each and every mission in the Covert section!

Head to the southwest and you’ll see a ramp heading over the base to the west side. Watch out for the patrolling Raven, and when it’s out of range, take out the tank and turret below. Let the Raven come back into range now that the tank is gone, and blast it apart. Backtrack to meet up with a push of troops, and Mind Blast the hell out of the front lines again with Tosh to breach the defenses. Repeat as needed to get to the Factory in back, and take that out ASAP to stop the flow of tanks. Once you take out the last turret to the west, the base is taken and Raynor sets up shop there.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016