Whether you've been a victim of it for far too long, or are looking to refine your style from a previous RTS to the new blockbuster sequel, there's something for everyone in our next guide to StarCraft II. Like it or not, rushing is a very valid strategy in the game and knowing how to execute one can also give you the knowledge and tactics needed to stop a rush coming at you. Often times the game is decided within the first five minutes of play. When rushing, the game is over within the first five minutes! Follow these quick tips to ensure that you win more than you lose when you hit them early.

You have no reason for gas in most rushes, and if you do, likely no more than 1 geyser. Since you are skipping your gas geysers, you can cut worker production entirely after about 16-18 and have your entire economy dedicated to production for the rush. Teching otherwise diverts resources from what you’re trying to do - end the game early - and can cost you the game if your rush fails!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016