Considering the game has sold 2 million copies already, one has to wonder why we waited until now to review the game. The answer is that we've beaten every square inch of it, put thousands of hours into multiplayer warfare, and have screwed around in every custom map worth playing. Whether you're on the fence or have beaten the game already, there's something for everyone in our StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Review!

The biggest thing the graphics engine has going for it is the scalability. On Ultra settings, Zerg Eggs pulse faster and faster as they’re about to hatch, shadows look perfect, and the explosions and death that make up a large battle are hard to take your eyes off long enough to issue orders to your army. The cutscenes, both in-game and the cinematic sequences, are in typical Blizzard style, setting the genre standard for years to come.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016