If there is one unit that defines the Zerg, the Zergling is it. Highly mobile and deadly at all stages of the game, and the origin of the oft-referenced 'Zerg Rush'. In StarCraft II though, there is another unit that can be used in all-out rush tactics--the new Roach! We cover the stats and strategies used with both of these key early units to make your Zerg openings fearsome!

Positioning is all that matters when it comes to using these. You must have a clear area to surround and brutalize your opponent with these little terrors--no unit in the game comes close to the amount of damage Zerglings can put out over time, given they can attack. Open ground is prime Zergling real estate. You can surround, you can prevent your enemy from fleeing, and everyone will get a piece of the enemy. At the same time, attacking a choke point with Zerglings is an exercise in futility. Don’t do it. You’ll need ranged units to breach that, and then release the hounds!

It's all available in our Zerg Combat Units In-Depth Stats and Strategy Guide!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016