What would an expansion be without Goblins? Not a very good expansion at all! Thus, you will be pleased to find that even in the exotic and unknown world of Draenor, the Goblins have managed to make their mark. Ever seeking an easy profit, a fair few of the Goblin race have made it through the portal and into this world of the past.

In Dreanor the Goblins have created the Steamwheedle Preservation Society. While it has a noble name, this brand new faction has but one function; to make cold hard cash. The goal is to “liberate” relics from the ogres of Nagrand and sell them to the highest bidder (of course). With rivalries running high between this faction and other archaeologist such as the infamous Harrison Jones, the Steamwheedle Preservation Society is looking for able bodied heroes from both the Horde and Alliance that are willing to lend a hand and earn favor with this Warlords of Draenor faction.

Steamwheedle Preservation Society – Earning Reputation

Alliance and Horde players interested in earning reputation with the Steamwheedle Preservation Society will find it to be a much easier task than in previous expansions. In fact, earning reputation with this faction and the other new factions found in Draenor is downright shocking.

As mentioned previously, the Steamwheedle Preservation Society plans to collect relics from the ogres and sell them to whomever will pay them the most gold. Always appreciating some extra hands, those trying to earn favor with this faction can gather these relics as well. These relics can then be handed in at the Steamwheedle encampment to the west of Lok'rath in Nagrand.

Relics can be collected from several sources:

Ogre Fragments

A quest entitled Fragments of the Past requires players to collect and turn in 20 Gorian Artifact Fragments for 250 reputation. While A Rare Find requires the player to turn in a Highmaul Relic for 350 reputation. These items can both be looted from a special Highmaul Reliquary in the northwest part of Nagrand or by simply killing mobs found north of the river. These quests are both repeatable. It should be noted that the Garrison mission Errand for SPS also gives a Highmaul Relic as a reward, however, this mission is rare and cannot be counted upon for steady reputation gain.


If you think bigger is better when it comes to reputation, then elites may be the way to go for you. There are currently eight elites in the game who will drop an item that can be turned into the Steamwheedle Preservation Society for a huge 500 reputation. To aid you, the NPCs in the area will often talk about these elites and show a projection of them. Quests for each elite will be available from various Goblin NPCs. These quests include:

  • Aogexon's Fang
  • Bergruu's Horn
  • Dekorhan' Tusk
  • Direhoof's Hide
  • Gagrog's Skull
  • Mu'gra's Head
  • Thek'talon's Talon
  • Xelganak's Stinger
  • Vileclaw's Claw

All of these elite mobs can be found inside the Nagrand zone. Quest items are bind on account and can be sent to any alt that needs the reputation.These quests are all repeatable.

Steamwheedle Preservation Society – Rewards

Alliance and Horde players who take the time to earn the favor of the Steamwheedle Preservation Society will be rewarded, even if it they do begrudge paying you. Rewards can be purchased from Quartermaster Gazrix Gearlock, for the Alliance and Mimi Wizzlebub, for the Horde. These Quartermasters can be found inside your faction's hub in Draenor.

Various rewards are available at every reputation level. The better your reputation, the better the rewards. Rewards prices vary and will require Gold or a combination of Gold and Apexis Crystals to obtain. Rewards available from this faction include:


Steamwheedle Elixir – Chance to deal fire damage and increases movement speed by 5%. Lasts 30 minutes. Can only be used in Nagrand.


Goblin Hot Potato – Toy. Can throw at a friendly player.

Portable Goon Squad – Your damage dealing abilities give you the chance to summon The Thumper to fight at your side for 12 seconds.


Albino River Calf – Battle Pet.

Forest Sproutling – Battle Pet.

Contract: Professor Felblast – Garrison follower. Level 100 Warlock.


Steamwheedle “Preservation” Society Tabard – Tabard

Domesticated Razorback – Ground mount.

Steamwheedle Preservation Society – Achievement for reaching Exalted.

Conservationist – Title granted for reaching Exalted.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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