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Note that you'll eventually need href="">Ruins
of Varsoon (back door) and href="">Chamber
of Immortality access.

It is initiated by Scholar Al'Quylar, behind the Oracle Tower in
Antonica (-1039, +14, -665). You must be level 25+ to receive this quest. If he
isn't up then you may need to wait a few minutes for him to respawn. You
have to target him and hail him (default is H button). He will mention that he
needs a power source and will send you out to find some.

The first order of business is to harvest a bit of power from
power sources in Nektulos and the Thundering Steppes. They are both underwater,
and the Thundering Steppes one will require you to have some form of water
breathing as it is deep down. They are located at:

Thundering Steppes: Beneath a ship deep in the northwestern
ocean at (+1681, -88, +308)

Nektulos Forest: In the pool underneath Timber Falls (+457.7,
+14.5, -1505.3)

After harvesting both you should return to Scholar Al'Quylar.
You'll receive some coin and experience and the next step of the

The next step is to recover the Brown Research Tome on Binding
at (+14, +67) and the Black Research Tome on Immortality at (+237, +54) in the
Ruins of Varsoon. Be forewarned that the Book of Life and Death spawn in these
rooms. Make sure you are in a good group when going to retrieve these if you
cannot invis yourself to the mobs.

You then must obtain a Palladium Torque or Palladium Bangle. The Torque might still drop in
various zones (Stormhold and Edgewater Drains confirmed), but this is unconfirmed. A Palladium Bangle is made by a jeweler. You will need to harves the T3 rare Palladium for one. Or you can just buy these things off the broker. When you turn it in you will
receive approximately 1.5 gold as a reward.

Al'Quylar will then ask you to head back to the Ruins of Varsoon
to kill the Tome of Life (level 31^^) and the Tome of Death (level 33^^). These
spawn in the two rooms where you got the research tomes earlier. You will
definitely need a good group for these; they are accompanied by several book
mobs each and are tough.

After destroying them return to Scholar Al'Quylar who will send
you to kill Varsoon the Undying (level 35 or 36^^) in the Chamber of
Immortality. This is an access zone. You must complete the Where Will This Lead
Me quest to gain access. Only one member of the party needs to have completed
this quest. When you walk into his chamber he initiates a ring event; you must
kill multiple waves of level 33 mobs and then a single pre-boss level 34^^ mob,
then Varsoon himself will attack. If these mobs con anything but gray to your
group, you will be in for a nonstop fight as they will agro right away. Be
forewarned; pull the mob groups to the stairs to fight so you have time to power
up between fights. Varsoon is a caster, and he is IMMUNE to Piercing

Varsoon is also the last mob to kill on the Stiletto's Orders
Intercepted heritage quest for the Manastone.

After killing Varsoon return to Scholar Al'Quylar (level 35^^)
who will then attack you. Kill him for your reward.

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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