Summoner Achievement Points Tree






Animated Dagger - Quickly summons an animated dagger to attack the Theurgist's target Shadow Step - The Cabalist's scout
pet is teleported to your target, and performs a melee combat strike.
Shockwave - The Perceptor commands their fighter pet to knock down all enemies surrounding it after its next successful melee hit Animist's Transference - Transfers health from the Animist's pet to an ally Magic Leash - The encounter that the Magician's mage pet has targeted has their hate decreased towards the Magician's mage pet
Parrying - Theurgist's are skilled in the art of parrying to the naked eye, but they rather not let others catch on that they command their weapon to parry for them Cabalist's Cover - Grants the Cabalist's pet the chance to shield it's master from melee attacks by allowing its master to use it's pets avoidance check after the Cabalist's own avoidance check Perceptor's Command - Allows the
Perceptor's pet to protect their master by increasing the Perceptor's
targeted enemy's hate towards the pet.
Minion's Barrier - Increases defense skill for the Animist's pet Minion's Warding - Allows the Magician's mage pet to protect their master, sometimes absorbing most of the spell damage the Magician would otherwise take
Wild Channeling - Increases the Theurgist's chance at a critical spell damage Minion's Zeal - Increases the
Cabalist's scout pet's chance at double attack
Perceptor's Bodyguard - Your fighter
pet's maximum health is increased.
Minion's Uproar - Increases casting and combat skills for the Animist's pet Arcane Minion - The Magician's caster pet gains increased casting,
recovery, and reuse speed.
Implode - Sacrifice the Theurgist's summoned pet. All enemies near the pet suffer magic damage, and the Theurgist's next summon pet spell requires half the casting time Reanimate - Resurrects the Cabalist's
scout pet quickly after the recent death of their scout pet for up to 10
Unflinching Servant - The Perceptor's fighter pet becomes immune to most
control spells and all area of effect abilities that do not directly target it. However, the Perceptor's pet also cannot use any of its combat arts
Animist Bond - Allows the Animist's pet to consume power to prevent the loss of health for a short duration Empower Servant - Your Sorcerer pet instantly replenishes some of the power of any spell they cast. Some of the power conserved is converted into a heal for your pet

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General and Mage lines.

Minion's Constitution Increases the hitpoints of the summoner's pet.
Minion's Crtical Strike Grants the summoner's pet a chance to critically
Pet Weapon Mastery The summoner's pets are granted improved weapons
Summoner's Soothing The summoner will gain hate at a slower rate than
Dimensional Storage Allows the summoner to store a pet for later use.
Focused Disciple Reduces the casting and reuse speed of heart and
shard summoning spells.
Minion's Mark Adds an additional spell to the summoner's pet
which does a medium amount of magic damage while also reducing the
target's mitigation to magic based attacks.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Aptitude of the Theurgist Increases the base amount of spell attacks.
Cabalist's Aura Grants the scout pet the ability to have their
auto-attack strike the target multiple stimes.
Perceptor's Defense Adds mitigation to Unflinching Servant.
Animist's Aptitude Increases the pet's combat art and spell hit
Focused Minion Grants the mage pet a chance to double attack on
Elemental Toxicity The summoner surrounds
their allies with elemental and noxious energy, granting them all additional
damage to the target encounter with each attack. This ability can trigger
multiple times when area of effect spells are cast.


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016