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[Ed. note:] Jaxelrod and guild Soulbonded on server Guk deserve
great thanks for this article originally posted on the Official Forums href="">here.
The article is reprinted in its entirety between the two bars with
Jaxelrod's permission. Once again, much thanks to Jaxelrod for
a great walkthrough!

Note that Anvilpaw's Grotto is a raid-only zone for 6-12 players that scales to your raid's average level (the only Splitpaw zone that does not, at this point, is "Acts of War"). The lockout timer is 6 days on a successful completion, and 7 hours on
a failure. Advise your groups not to touch anything upon zone-in, as
puzzle pieces must be laid out in the proper order!

PLEASE ALSO NOTE that the puzzles are fun to figure out on
their own merit! To that end, the puzzle spoiler has been written in
"white ink" so that you don't have to see the solution if you'd rather
work through the riddles with your group. Simply drag-and-select the
cell text to reveal the answers!

Okay... Soulbonded on GUK went through Anvilpaw's and we cleared all
the puzzles. The way this zone works, you need 12 people, two groups.
Each group must go their own path. Group1 goes down path A and group2
goes down path B. Group1 opens up doors for group2 and group2 opens up
doors for group1. Sorry if some of the names in Path B are wrong, I was
on Path A and I only recorded the answers phoneticaly.


Path A - Puzzle 1

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • First is the fastest
  • Second is the middle
  • Third is the Slowest 

Completing opens PBP2

Path B - Puzzle 1

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • First is the skilled
  • Second is the runt
  • Third is the strongest

Completing opens PAP2

Path A - Puzzle 2

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • Lost is
    the sad
  • Found is
    the loud
  • Hungry is
    the agile        

Completing opens PB-Ring    

Path B - Puzzle 2

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • First is the third
  • Second is the second
  • Third is the first

Completing opens PAP3

Path A - Puzzle 3

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • Chaos is the dark
  • Life is the green
  • Order is the light

Completing opens PBP3

Path B - Ring Event

Group 2 fights a ring event while Group 1
finishes their puzzle.

Completing opens PA-Ring

Path A - Ring Event


Group 1 fights a ring event while Group 2
finishes their puzzle.


Completing opens PBP4

Path B - Puzzle 3

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • Honorable is rook
  • Strongest is avocet
  • Dangerous is harrier

Completing opens PAP4

Path A - Puzzle 4 

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • 423-497 is lit first
  • 413-487 is lit second
  • 424-477 is lit third

Completing opens PB-End

Path B - Puzzle 4

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • Enchanter is urgu
  • Sorcerer is delogi
  • Summonner is malogi

Completing opens PAP5

Path A - Puzzle 5

(select the area below

to reveal the solution)

  • Brother/Woman for jealousy
  • 20 Copper is highest crime
  • Regicide is calculated

Completing opens PA-End

Path B - End


Group 2 clears mobs.


At this point, Group 1 has to kill things and fight their way towards
group 2. There is no maze here; its a straight path past the elevator.

When both groups meet up, everyone gets locked into PB-End area and a
ring event starts. This is as far as we got because of a bug. Group 2
could only see one member of Group 1, even though members of group 1
were right next to them, they didnt show up on screen for them. When
the ring event started, it kept resetting while we were killing them
and our mana quickly dropped to zero as we fought the same huge horde
of mobs over and over again. We will try again soon I hope.

In the final room, fight the mobs in the center of the room to avoid
the gyrospasm roaming bug. Clear the room and put someone on each of
the totems, as in the final fight with Anvilpaw he will draw health
from the totems. The totems must be double-clicked to turn them off;
this is a great job for the casters. Be prepared for a very long fight!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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