EverQuest 2 - Trial of Harclave

In my opinion, the coolest of the Splitpaw quests, hands down. 
You'll earn a nice amount of experience (around 28% at 42, but I'll
update this to address the 7/8 nerf), a lot of loot
(alone worth over 10g, again at level 42), and if you've completed
other Splitpaw quests there's a good chance you'll earn your Splitpaw
Den teleport shard here.   This zone takes about 2 hours to
complete and is repeatable.

Note that this is a solo zone; you can't bring your buds with
you..  I wouldn't attempt Harclave until you've succeeded in the
solo arena.  For the first part of the quest, you'll need decent
solo capabilities, and the arena- specifically the Champion challenge-
is the best place to hone these in a short amount of time.  I know
there's still some play balance issues for some classes in the arena,
nevertheless it is beatable for most priest and melee players, and a
decent percentage of mages and scouts.  Check out a few hints and
tips I've compiled for the solo arena here.

Note that you may also be able to invis / stealth your way through the
first part of this quest.  I haven't heard of anyone doing so, but
there's no reason why this strategy shouldn't work.

Getting the Ark of Harclave quest is not done in the traditional "hail
and click" manner.  Head to Sarchel the Storyteller in the
southeast part of Splitpaw Den and listen to what he has to say. 
This is ambient chatter, it is not part of a dialogue.  DO NOT
hail Sarchel without asking players around Sarchel is he's "in
progress."  If he is in progress, have a seat and listen. 
Sooner or later you'll get a popup asking you if you want the "Ark of
Harclave" quest, hit "Yes."  This can take a little while; some
players were saying up to 30 minutes but mine popped in just under
5.  It just depends which story he's telling and at what point you
venture in.

Go to the Harclave teleporter in southwest Den and head in.  First
thing, right click and grab the torch mounted on the wall to your left;
this is necessary to light the eight braziers to proceed to part
2.  Each brazier is guarded by a single mob, and there's several
roaming mobs (including 1 or 2 groups).  Take absolute care to
eliminate roamers first, and be patient when pulling them.  They
roam in long, long loops and sometimes are in close proximity to one
another, and its really easy to get adds.  Always pull to an area
you're sure is clear of aggro for each of the longish fights.

Head down through the corridor, and you'll come to your first
brazier.  Defeat the mob guarding it (no roaming mobs here), right
click and light the brazier, then lay the plank across to the next
platform.  Pull the mob guarding the second brazier to the near
the edge to fight; be careful of roamers in the doorway and a static
group to your front.  Light #2, then buff up and take care of the
group of gnoll mobs, pulling them well back into the lefthand corner
behind the doorway.  Leave the mushrooms across the way for the
moment, they're too tough at the moment anyway.

Next, take care of the roamers.  There's a lot in the next room,
some come up through the doorway, others make a long loop around the
next two areas.  Braziers #3 and #4 are in the next room, fight
the guarding mobs against the wall in case you missed any aggro. 
Go up through the lefthand corridor for braziers #5 and #6.

Stack up three boxes, one on top of another stairstepped-fashion to
reach #7 and #8 on the raised platform.  When you've lit #8, equip
your highest dmg weapon, and click the Ark.  Immediately you'll be
attacked by a group of heroic-con mobs, which is ok.  Why you
ask?  Because you've been imbued with the Spirit of Harclave, a
mega-buff for your HP, Power, Defense, and Offense plus a damage shield
and speed buff.  If you have any of these buffs working and can
replace these with stat buffs, do so beforehand. 

Enjoy slicing
through these mobs, but if you start to run low on HP at any point, go
for a jog.  You'll be healed to full by your enhanced regen in no
time as long as you're running away from mobs (and not into other
adds!).  Also, get out your best encounter-damage and solo damage
spells regardless of mana cost.

Do your best to only take on one group at a time, and you should never
need to run.  Proceed out the way you came, and stack two planks
on one another to reach the mushrooms you skipped earlier.  Slice
and dice your way to the Zygomyd Spore King, make sure you fight him
alone (he's dangerous with adds).  When you've taken care of the
King and gotten the update, its time to go after Rosch Val Gornas in
depths of Harclave.

Wind your way downward (remember, one group at a time!) until you get
to a skeleton area.  Undead gnolls are guarding boxes around the
periphery.  You'll need 3 boxes eventually, so pick the most
convenient ones.  Be very careful of the Dreadsnout group aggro on
the few pedestals in the area, clear these first.  Rosch is on a
raised area along the left wall after the turn that you can pull him
down from without stacking boxes.  Fight him ONLY when you have a
clear open area, mobs in his group tend to get stuck in the
Killing him just might get you your TP shard.

When you're ready to complete the quest, stairstep three boxes up to
the area you pulled Rosch from and click the Throne to zone out. 
Congrats! but unfortunately you don't get to keep the Harclave buff!

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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016

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