Swashbuckler Alternate Advancements





Enhance: Kidney Stab - Increases the mitigation reduction
of Kidney Stab and its upgrades
Enhance: Lucky Gambit - Increases the hit chance and
striking radius of Lucky Gambit and its upgrades
Enhance: Sneak - Hastens the casting speed of Sneak
Enhance: Flash of Steel - Improves the damage per second
reduction of Flash of Steel and its upgrades
Enhance: Offensive Poisons - Increases the
effectiveness of all poisons that affect opponent's offensive abilities
Enhance: Arctic Blast - Increases the damage and
hastens the reuse speed of Arctic Blast and its upgrades
Enhance: Avoid Blame - Increases the trigger chance
of Avoid Blame and its upgrades
Enhance: Viscerate - Viscerate and its upgrades
become more effective, reducing opponent's agility further
Enhance: Turgur Poison - Increases the effectiveness
of Turgur poisons
Enhance: Dashing Swathe - Increases the hit chance
and strike radius of Dashing Swathe and its upgrades
Enhance: Perfect Finesse - Increases the duration of
Perfect Finesse and its upgrades
Enhance: Double Cross - Double Cross and its upgrades
become more effective, reducing opponents' wisdom further
Enhance: Flurry of Blades - Flurry of Blades and its
upgrades gain in effectiveness, reducing additional mitigation
Enhance: Hurricane - Increases the trigger chance of
Hurricane and its upgrades
Enhance: Inspired Daring - Hastens the reuse speed of
Inspired Daring and its upgrades
Enhance: Razor Edge - Razor Edge and its upgrades can also reduce
the riposte damage of the target
Enhance: Mental Poisons - Mental Breach poisons
become more effective at harming your opponent's power and more beneficial
to you
Enhance: Storm of Steel - Increases the damage of Storm
of Steel
Enhance: En Garde - Hastens the reuse speed of En
Enhance: Flamboyant Strike - Flamboyant Strike and
its upgrades become more effective at reducing opponents' intelligence
Potency - Increases the trigger chance of all poisons
Reach - Increases melee attack range on all
autoattacks and combat arts
Advance Warning - Your reflexes are heightened to
near clairvoyance. When used in time, this ability protects your group
from area effects, as long as they aren't the direct target of the effect
Enhance: Lung Puncture - Improves the skills
reduction of Lung Puncture
      Enhance: Snap of the Wrist - Snap of the Wrist and its upgrades
gain in potency. Once struck, your enemy's spells are more likely to be

Shadows Advancement Abilities

These abilities are available once the specified amount of points have been
distributed to the Shadows General, Scout, and Rogue lines.

Charming Persona The Double-Cross line will also debuff the
target's intelligence.
Fencing Expertise The swashbuckler uses their expertise with swords
to do additional damage when they riposte their target.
Pirate Swipe Improves the reuse time of Traumatic Swipe and
also improves its chance to hit.
Flamboyant Swashbuckling The dashing Swathe line will do additional damage
and critical for more.
Kidney Slice The Kidney Stab line of skills will gain
additional damage and also do more damage when it criticals.
Countering Blow Improves the chance for a combat art to trigger En
Garde. Also grants additional damage when triggered.
Precision Striking Combat arts which have a reuse of 30 seconds or
more gain additional damage. In addition, these skills will critical for
Enfeebling Whirl An area of effect melee attack which also reduces
the strength and intelligence of each target that is struck.

Sentinel's Fate Advancement Abilities

These abilities are only available for players with the Sentinel's Fate
expansion that are over level 81.

Skilled Deception Improves the transfer amount of Swarthy Deception.
Viscerating Stab Improves the base damage of the Viscerate line of
combat arts.
Punctured Lung Improves the base damage of the Lung Puncture line
of combat arts.
Slice and Dice Improves the physical mitigation reduction of
Flurry of Blades.
Illusion of Hatred Improves the amount of hate gained or reduced when
using Sleight of Hand.
Flash of Power Flash of Power draws agility from the target and
grants it to the swashbuckler temporarily when the swashbuckler uses
Swarthy Expertise The swashbuckler has mastered their styles of
fighting, allowing them additional bonuses while using their temporary


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Last Updated: Mar 13, 2016